one year

coming up on our one year anniversary at the restaurant. piano bar is slamming. food is slamming. my feet always hurt, and this is the hardest job ever…but looking back at the past year, today is easier than it was three months ago, six months ago, a year ago….another 14 years to go perhaps?


functions with lots of people

It’s was crazy. One of my Friday bartenders went with me to a fundraiser tonight…it was a tasting event, filled with 25 restaurants and liquor vendors, all with tables for folks to come and taste their food. Despite our 7 page menu, I merely took one dessert.  It’s the dessert at the top of our menu, the one that has the description that says only “speaks for itself”.

Yes, it was something chocolate.

At first, the two hundred and something people walked through the doors and walked right by us because they wanted to eat the other food before dessert, they kind of crinkled their nose at the thought of it at that moment….

…and then when it was dessert time, a few tried it….we sent about ten of them out into the room and suddenly there was a swarm….a huge swarm of them….and then, it was gone.

200 plus desserts gone, in a half hour.

I didn’t tell them that I spent four hours baking it all this morning. I didn;t even tell them that I was the one who made it. I doubt they cared, because all they cared about was how good it was.

That made me feel pretty damn good. Like I am doing something right.

where your feet hurt

running a restaurant and bar, is 24-7. add children to the mix (which are also 24-7) and you have a 48  hour day.

and no matter what, at the end of the day, my feet hurt like crazy

we are going into our 10th month and we are exceeding our summer sales in the dead of winter, which I find a blessing. the winter kills you here, but for us, it has given us confidence that we will survive them each year….we have this year.

i think what I know is that no matter what, and no matter what shoes I am wearing, my body will still hurt at the end of every day and my feet will kill.

I do paperwork and bills and liquor inventory and ordering on Mondays, Tuesdays we are closed and it’s our “day off” which really means, we work all day until the girls are out of school and then we stop working and try to spend the evening not talking about work….

On Wednesdays I do more paperwork and some marketing stuff, I bake all the desserts and make the salad dressings on Thursdays. Fridays I do everything I didn’t quite get done the whole week, including maybe, some laundry.

I rarely clean my house.

Sunday night is date night. J doesn’t play the piano aside from an hour at four for kids (kids piano bar!)…and then we sit and have some drinks (my kids are with their dad on Sundays) and some dinner and listen to the acoustic musicians we hire in on Sunday nights. Who are fabulous.

I love how my kids love being there. I am teaching my ten year old, Red, to make the Tiramisu. My 8 year old, Blue, likes to set up the front of the house, but only if I give her two dollars.

I still cherish the times when we are all home together with nowhere to be. And that time is rare, but the times we are out doing other things together, especially in our restaurant, are times we all love so much.

Loving our friends, those who grace the doorway regularly, those who are new and smile when they eat and hug us when they leave.

Best job ever.

Best thing I have ever done, with my man, with my children, ever.

despite being so tired and despite how much my feet hurt.


a blur

…it’s such a blur but things are more sane now, in our fourth month of being restaurant and piano bar owners.

We are sort of on a schedule. We both sleep alot more than we were. J built a walk in cooler (BY HIMSELF) to house our kegs and beer….ah yeah….my man can do anything and watching him do the things he does around the restaurant and then his sexy thing on the piano, well, I love him even more….not to say we have our moments where we are about to strangle each other…but then in the next moment, we kiss and make up…and of course, it is usually his fault….ahahaha…anyway…

I spend most of my time doing paperwork, payroll, accounting and managing the bar, when I am not being a mom…I spend plenty of time in the restaurant kitchen baking the desserts…I bake them all except the cannoli shells (I make the filling) and the tiramasu….but I plan to learn to make that soon…

Did I mention we have a ghost?

The building we are in is WICKED old. Old in a way where our walls are stone and brick and there is at least one ghost…a friend of ours who also works for us has also said he has seen and felt things…and he’s more grown up than I am…so it must be true…

…we are capitalizing on that for our Halloween bash in a few weeks…

I have heard from some different old blogger folks that may be in the area, and want to some say hello…please do and please email me and let me know. Would love to tell you where we are and meet you and have you check the place out….

In the fourth week

We’ve been open four weeks and I can say I am exhausted.

Our place is slammin’.

As in, SLAMMIN’.

I love our staff and our customers.

The piano bar is so great. We have people calling for reservations to reserve tables for dinner, to stay through piano bar. Which means, these people are eating and drinking all night long.

We’re adding a few tables to get more seated.

We’re booking acoustic bands for Sundays through Wednesdays.

Everyone is ordering my triple chocolate bread pudding and ricotta orange pound cake.

I love the early mornings that I get into the restaurant to bake the desserts.

I love the ten o’clock hour when I get up and sing and have a small glass of wine (or a shot of whiskey)

I am writing every day about this adventure and hope to do something with it when I have time to get it organized.


I guess the only bad thing is the lack of sleep.\

And some stress. But lack of sleep really bites.

Piano Bar

We’ve been open a week and have had repeat customers already. When I mean repeat, I mean, a good handful of folks who have come back more than twice, bringing people with them, and then those people have come back.

Juggling things has been interesting and without my mom to help babysit, I would not be able to do this. The girls are with their dad this week so I am working around the clock, AND managing to clean up my house, which has been in this state of array for, oh, say, three months.

Anyway, I will just end with this.

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i eat a luna bar every morning on the run and coffee. cannolli’s for lunch after some calzones or an italian sandwich.

where our restaurant is, is on the Italian end of the street.

while we work in the space and get it ready to open, we still don’t have our own food yet, so we are eating lunch out often at our neighboring restaurants.

next week we are trying for a soft opening with a limited menu.

We got our liquor license from the state in 2 1/2 weeks, after the city delayed us for three months. That is a record, for the State and I have to say, someone was watching over us and some simple advice from a contact who is familiar with liquor licenses in our state, guided J to connect with someone who helped us get this done.

Having our liquor license is like a pass to move to “go”.

Sorry I ain’t bloggin’.

Again, we have a facebook page and a website and I have my own facebook page as well, all are updated with photos and info. If you would like to connect, send me an email