Dear Mean Boy


Dear Mean Boy on the playground,

Please don’t take the baseball hat off my germa-phobe 8 year old and place it on your head.

Now, she thinks she has swine flu, from you.

Thank you.

You made my day yesterday very difficult.

Yours Truly, Pissed off Mom

8 responses to this post.

  1. Eeesh. It’s always something with kids, huh?


  2. Mean boys on the playground are so annoying.


  3. Spray it with some lysol and tell her that will kill any germs he put on it. I never understood the taking of someone else’s hat and sticking it on your own head.


  4. Ooooh – let’s eat him and spit him out! Mean boys SUCK!
    Maybe you could make some kind of fake saary (water with witch hazel or something in it), to make her feel like she’s sanitizing things with it.


  5. Of course “saary” is really “spray”. Don’t know what happened there.


  6. Sucky mean boy!!! Hope she is OK …


  7. I am not a germaphobe but another person putting their hat on my head would piss me off!


  8. I can totally relate. Ava is such a germaphobe. It is killing me. What can I do???? Her handwashing and fear is driving me nuts.


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