Minor Conflict in the House

We’ve not even lived together a month.

And we’ve got our first little “conflict”.

I mean, my stealing the covers is pretty minor and it’s something I pointed out and nothing he’s ever mentioned, which is nice of him.  

I wake up in the middle of the night and he’s sleeping there curled in a ball, mostly naked, without covers. 

I’ve somehow got them all on my side. 

I cover him back up and silently apologize (while he is still sleeping). I hope he doesn’t remember in the morning.

I present to you, one problem:


And another:


The toilet seat is always up. He has never put it down. I figure that we both end up touching it every time we have to pee. He has to put it up, I have to put it down. Now, if only I could teach the kids…last night was the first “squeal” when Red went to sit down and almost fell in. At least it was “almost”. She thought it was pretty funny.

The latter photo takes some explaining. He tends to be heavy handed and when he tears off the tp, the remainder of the roll falls off and onto the floor of the tp holder. Although I keep telling him to just tear it in the opposite direction, he wants to like to take it off and reverse it. 

I draw the line at the NBA and sex going on in the same room at the same time.

So I will set the scene for you.

J turns off the NBA (upon my request when he was getting “romantic”).

We get busy.

He turns it back on to see who won and finds the game is still on.

He exclaims, “I am so lucky! I got sex AND overtime!”

7 responses to this post.

  1. I finally told my husband that maybe since he wanted the seat up and I wanted it down that maybe we should just all put the lid down so it was closed for everyone. He finally began sitting – maybe J can do that? Of course I have elongated potties so getting his junk in the right position for sitting is much easier.

    When Bryan and I got married we did lots of arguing of crazy little things….which way the paper fell – in front or behind the roll, how to squeeze the toothpaste, no leaving things “soaking” in the sink, etc, etc. I remember getting really frustrated. Glad you’re laughing at it. Hope Red recovers…that’ll be the thing that makes him feel bad.


  2. If you want equal touches make everybody put the lid down when finished.


  3. ha ha ha ha ha

    Love it!!

    I’m lucky enough that CBG always, always ALWAYS puts the LID down when he’s finished.

    Yes, I’m a lucky, lucky gal.

    AND he doesn’t watch the NBA either.



  4. Damn, seems like your always changing blog sites…

    I love that he checked on the game after your time getting “busy.”
    I so do that myself. Knowing the score is just like the icing on the lovemaking cake….


  5. have you mentioned it to him? If you make it an issue with the girls falling in, he might remember better…


  6. I agree with Mike. Knowing the score makes everything better.


  7. Dude. Change your TP hanger to one of those that you have to compress the spring in the middle and it holds it in. That way when he pulls too hard, worst case scenario is there’s too much hanging down and you can tear that off.


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