• School is officially out. we had a half day today because of friggin snow days.
  • Today we are having a Nor’easter. Which means it is friggin’ rainy and windy and miserable. But we’re enjoying being indoors and organizing and watching tv and eating snacks all day.
  • The girls will be playing tennis almost every Monday afternoon for the next ten weeks. Except today’s first class was cancelled due to the friggin’ rain.
  • We are also going to be taking a ceramics class together, the three of us, starting Thursday. I pray my kids don’t make two dozen clay seals. I don’t have enough space for that in my house.
  • I met J last year, a week before July 4th. Which means, today is the year anniversary of when we met. He never remembers things, dates to things. In fact, he often asks, “is today Sunday?” when it’s Wednesday.  I decided I will remind him when it comes time for the anniversary of when we first made whoopie. Because I thought he’d get a bigger kick out of that and feel less pressure about being sappy about it all.
  • Last night J and I went to Boston to a club to see a band play. Although I am hard of hearing, I think I am now completely deaf. I was reminded that in college, I spent alot of weekends in clubs with live bands and possibly is another reason I wear hearing aids. We stopped at a pharmacy and got ear plugs which was the smartest thing to do. The guitarist and lead singer in the band (this was a lesbian band by the way, not that it has anything to do with it) is a fellow musician of J’s as well as the tenant in his house in Austin. Her girlfriend was there too. Along with about twenty other lesbians.  Since I had to pick the girls up at 7am for school in the same area, we used Priceline for the first time and got an amazing room for $50!!!!  We rolled out of bed and drove down the road and picked the girls up (as opposed to driving south an hour from my house at the crack of dawn). It enabled us to partake in some good whiskey all night.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Good for you for having fun! But family ceramics, ooohhhh, I smell trouble coming.


  2. sounds like you’re well on your way to having a friggin’ awesome summer.

    The weather sucks here in eastern canada this week, too, btw. BAH!


  3. It’s crazy to me that school is only just now out for you guys. We were out, after several 1/2 days, the Thursday after Memorial Day.

    I hadn’t been to a club in years…the noise and the smoke keep me away. Gald you guys had fun! And way to go Priceline!


  4. I’m so glad summer is here. The weather has been a bit off around here as well…but it is still summer!
    Ah, I hope to have whoopee in my life again some day….


  5. Sounds like a great Summer. Celebrating your anniversary could lots and lots of fun.


  6. We men are lucky to remember to put on underwear in the morning, let alone remember anniversaries or what day of the week it is…


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