A good choice would be to just eat the blueberries and not make a cobbler…

…to eat popcorn in the movie instead of a pint of icecream…

…have a bowl of cereal instead of going out to eggs, toast, hash browns, and bacon….

(after thought, two hours later…probably should have had a salad instead of ordering Dominos…but it’s two-fer-Tuesday which means ya must order Cinnastix too)

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  1. Choices…they’re difficult sometimes.


  2. Choices, schmoices.


  3. there are only few simple pleasures … bwaahhhaa ..

    .. enjoy them .. and then exercise it off .. lol


  4. You just made every choice I would have made. (Pre-sugar ban, I suppose.)


  5. Posted by maunderer on June 24, 2009 at 3:10 am

    you could choose to eat all of the above. I think that i might have chosen the cobbler and the berries, the popcorn and the ice cream. 🙂


  6. That’s funny. The girls and I were just talking about making better food choices. We bought tons of fruit and are trying to eat salads, but cheese fries are soooooo good.


  7. Hey there! I was wondering if this was you. The new place looks lovely.



  8. Life is full of choices. Good, bad or indifferent.


  9. I picked a bunch of blueberries out at the farm a couple of weeks ago and fully intended to make a pie. However, they didn’t last long enough for me to get around to it. We now have three blueberries left, frozen. Must make another trip out to the farm to get more!!!!

    But even if they weren’t in the pie, they were mightily appreciated!


  10. MMMMM, bacon!


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