Some favorite things…

…about my family.

1. The way Blue absentmindedly rubs her hand along the stubble of J’s shaved head while they chat. Last week, we were driving and he decided to get in the back seat with the girls. In the rear view mirror, I watched them play a numbers game and while Blue was “thinking” she was playing with his ear.

2. That my girls get excited about books and reading. We’re finishing Little House in the Big Woods and going to take a “Little House” breather and read “Cricket in Time’s Square” next.

3. Upon visiting J at the piano bar last Friday before bedtime, the girls asked him if Mommy could sing a new song. So we tried Dido’s “Thank You”. And it worked. Next thing we knew, Red was at the piano playing a song she just learned in her lessons this week with J. The man actually stepped aside from his piano at his gig and let 8 year old Red, play her piece. (with two hands, might I add)

4. J has no problem helping me enforce a time out with the kids. And when the girls are not listening to me, his famous phrase is, “Hey Red, GUESS WHAT? It’s time to brush your teeth!” (or whatever it is I am asking them to do). He always starts with, “HEY, GUESS WHAT!?!?!?” when they are misbehaving. (which isn’t often, but it’s often enough)

5. I mentioned this before, but I love that J doesn’t mind sleeping in a girlie bed. That being said, he brought in his packed things, some awesome green manly sheets. I put them on the bed today and mixed them with my pink quilt and pink and yellow pillow cases and it looks like it stepped out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

6. That J can get the kids to eat egg rolls at a Chinese restaurant.

7. Piano Lessons


6 responses to this post.

  1. It takes a heck of a guy to step aside and let an 8-year-old shine. I think J is awesome!


  2. “The Cricket in Times Square” is lovely. Did you know there’s a sequel? I had no idea until recently (and of course now I can’t remember what it’s called). Our girls are reading the same stuff, s’fun.


  3. What a guy! I just may have a man crush on him… :^)


  4. What’s not to love?


  5. I used to love sleeping in my girlfriend’s girlie bed. My bed is manly. When I was married, it was fairly neutral. I don’t think I could handle girlie every night. It was a treat every time I visited, though.


  6. J sounds awesome. Exactly what you’ve been waiting for.


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