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Well shoot, I am not sure I have ever gone this long without posting.

I don’t even know where to start, but I will start with the notation that the summer weather has been nonexistent for the most part, concerning the weather.

We’ve had two beach days without the kids (because they’ve been with their dad on vacation), both of which consisted of J and I forcing ourselves to take some time out to get down there and lie around like we were being handed the world for a few hours with packed snacks and water and the sun beating down on us.

With the kids, about a week and a half ago, we’ve had three hours at the beach, in between rain and fog and cold temperatures.

They’ve been gone a week and on Monday morning come back to us.  I miss them but the time to really focus on what we are doing here, organizing, trying to plan our future, business-wise, and talking alot about where we want to go from here, has taken up alot of good time.

Things came to a screeching halt last weekend, on fourth of July, when we were called upon by the chef of the piano bar J plays in, to help wake up their boss. She is a young woman, she owns the place via inheritance, who is running it into the ground due to her lack of social skills and her dependance on drugs, specifically, heroin. Although she is “clean” from it, she takes Methadone and pills for a few ailments, one including anxiety. And apparently tends to take a  bit too much.

Fourth of July was one of those nights where the needle came out again, for some reason. We saw it on her arms and her legs.

At 1am when the piano bar was closing, we couldn’t wake her up in her office.

We called 911.

J has known her since she was eleven, as he worked many years ago in the same piano bar, for her dad.

She woke up an hour later when the paramedics were transferring her, taking them to the local hospital. I drove behind with the chef of the restaurant, while J went with her in the ambulance. After meeting in the emergency room, the doctors checked her, talked to her, but wouldn’t talk to us. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t talk to us about her “ailments”, because J and I (and some of her family) were now attempting to have an intervention.

I’ve never seen J like this, but he kept at the doctor, asking her to confirm that the tracks on her arms were fresh.

And the doctor (because of privacy laws, obviously) continued to refuse, coming close to calling security  because he was so upset no one would do anything to help her.

And all the while, this girl looked everyone in the eyes and told her she was clean.

The following day, we had a meeting with her, instigated by some of her family, and offered to take her to an inpatient facility the next day and that we would run the piano bar and restaurant for her for the rest of the summer without pay, partnering with the chef, to keep the doors open.

She contemplated it. But then walked away from it.

It’s disappointing. It’s sad. It’s life, unfortunately.

And we are pretty sure that after these few years of her struggles, she will either have some sort of life changing event to help her get clean, or one day, the doors will be closed because she died.

7 responses to this post.

  1. That is so sad about her, I hope she can clean up.


  2. It’s so difficult seeing someone doing this to themselves. What a helpless feeling that is. The unfortunate part is that you can’t force someone in that kind of situation to get help – they have to see for themselves that they need it.

    *hugs to you*


  3. Wow. I hope she can get it together.


  4. Someone I once loved very much is addicted. This shit is everywhere. Scary and sad.


  5. I was wondering if anything had happened – or if you and J were enjoying life together so much you had forgotten about all of us little people – ha!

    I’m so sorry to read that you guys have had that to deal with the owner and her addiction…what good friends you guys are.

    About the weather…it never dawned on me that our fantastic, cooler summer days may mean colder summer days elsewhere. Our days have been uncharacteristically “cool” for our summers – high 80’s, low 90’s and overnights in the 70’s. It’s been crisp and almost like fall in the mornings, but perfect outside weather (in between all of the thunderstorms in the evenings). I think things are about to get hotter for us, so maybe you’ll get some beach days soon.


  6. It is nice of you two to try and help her. Too bad its true that people with addictions will not help themselves if they cant admit they have a problem.


  7. That’s hard. too bad you can’t force someone to get their shit together, but if she isn’t ready, she isn’t ready yet. I hope it doesn’t end badly for her.


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