tidbits of our life

P1050995I think it’s amazing he can swim in water that’s not yet been warmed by summer.

I admire that.

I don’t love it when he stands over me and shakes it all over me.


I have this old antique clock that I inherited from my grandmother.

Apparently, it drives J batty because he can hear it ticking when he tries to nap on the couch.

He hasn’t been napping too much on the couch lately.


I have blocked our six month time apart when he was gigging overseas, out of my mind.

It’s like he never left.

I hardly remember a time when the toilet seat was actually left in the “down” position.


Going to bed or waking up in the morning with J rubbing my back has made me a little spoiled.

The tradeoff is that he gets his laundry done.

I overheard him tell his friend on the phone that it’s been a pretty easy adjustment, “it’s amazing, the last place I saw my underwear was in a pile on the floor and next thing I know it’s clean and folded in my drawer!”


The girls came home today after being gone for ten days with their dad.

J had to leave shortly afterwards to drive north to his Monday night gig.

Red, the one who usually keeps space between, globbed onto him before he left.

Just like her mommy.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Have I told you lately how much I love reading your blog? So much quiet joy there. Beautiful.


  2. Such a great post, I just love hearing about you new life together!


  3. Awesome. it sounds like you have all settled in together very nicely.


  4. I brought the kids out to Cape Cod last week. They played in the ocean water just like it was the the tub. How can they do it?


  5. Lovely. And it sounds like J really likes that magic underwear trick you do!


  6. You guys are just too cute. How come he doesn’t have to do his laundry? Sweet setup he has…


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