About the toilet seat again


I can’t believe J has only been home from his traveling work for 11 weeks.

He still leaves the toilet seat up.

Red almost fell in once, but only once.

Blue has never fallen in.

Tonight I followed Blue into the bathroom before bed and she stood there looking at the toilet with the toilet seat up and goes, “RED KEEPS DOING THIS!”

For over two months, Blue thinks her sister is putting the seat up, just to piss her off.

I started laughing. “You think Red is leaving that seat up to bug you?”

Blue shrugged one of those “I dunno? Who else would it be?” shrugs.

I started to laugh.

“J leaves the seat up. All the time.”

“He does?”

“Yes, he does. Do you know why he leaves the seat up?”

She shook her head “no”.

And that, people, is when I found myself explaining that boys pee standing up, because she had absolutely no fucking idea.

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  1. Lol .. a short start to lessons about whats different about boys/males huh?

    My boys wonder why on earth I leave the seat down .. heh heh ..

    Going to be fun when Missy starts asking coz she’ll probably try to copy the boys .. lol


  2. That’s pretty funny :).


  3. OMG. LOVE IT!!!

    Here’s where I brag that mine NEVER leaves the seat up. I wonder if that means he pees sitting down???? heh



    My little guy never leaves the seat up because he doesn’t raise it up. This wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t drip on the seat when he was finished and leave it for us girls to sit on – ewh. If it’s not one thing, it’s 400 others.


  5. I’m trying to get everybody to put the seat & lid down after their done. That way everybody has to do something.


  6. Funny. My daughter saw a boy peeing standing up when we were at a park one time. She tried to pee that way for a bit until she realized she wasn’t built for it.


  7. Ha ha ha ha ha! That’s funny. That’s one conversation I don’t have to have. Although, there will be others, I’m sure of it.


  8. I’m finding myself already explaining this to our daughter and she’s just about to turn two. She knows the words “vagina” and “penis” already. By know I mean they’ve been used to explain things. I don’t think she understands and that’s just fine.

    Hey, even though we have a penis… it’s not a valid excuse for not putting the seat down. There’s no reason it can’t be done. It doesn’t require much effort. I don’t want anyone falling in the toilet.


  9. You guys inspired my last post. Thanks….


  10. I like the idea of EVERYONE putting the seat and lid down when done… My dad accidently dropped his toothbrush into the toilet and my husband had to go out there, pull the entire toilet out to get the toothbrush, then re-install the thing. 5 hours of fun because of fumble-fingers…


  11. Posted by Kat on August 5, 2009 at 2:26 am

    Thanks for visiting! Be happy to share your email with the Prez, well if he ever emails me back, haven’t heard from him a week. I guess my last email pissed him off…

    Poor girl having to learn the seat up issue at such an early age. At least she is now prepared to spend the REST.OF.HER.LIFE. dealing with this… 🙂


  12. BTW – Ask any man who has pee’d while wearing shorts. There is a mist that happens. You feel it on your legs. Take a garden hose and spray a straight line of water. Put it so the sun is behind it. See the mist.

    I sit. I don’t have to aim, I can have a Jack daniels while I do it, I’m not a girl, or one who is…girlish. I’m a lazy pee-er. I don’t have to wipe the seat, I relax…..



  13. Oh, and I never have to even touch the seat! Unless a messy person sat before me. Then I may stand. LOL


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