Monday Monday Monday


I got up before seven this morning to go get the girls from their dad’s house since they spent the night last night. It’s an hour drive. (two hours round trip) and a drive I make every Monday, whether it is for their Sunday overnight or their weekend (it rotates each week but I always pick them up Monday mornings).

J rolled over and stuck his mouth in my ear while the alarm rang and goes, “I’m coming with you.”

And the man got himself out of bed after gigging all weekend and drove to Boston with me at the crack of dawn.

I think he partially wanted to have time to fool with his new iPhone and rub in the fact that I have the older version and he has the newer version.

Who needs a damn compass anyway?

At any rate, he was practicing the camera and figuring out how to email photos, so I got my picture taken and then emailed into my inbox.

There it is, at the top of the page.

I think it is wacky enough to be my new Facebook profile picture.


I regret staying up on Friday night to wait for J to come home from work, just so we could get frisky.

Seeing that I have to get up with the girls at 7am-ish and then make it through the day.

I regret telling J to definitely wake me up on Saturday night when he came home from work, just so we could get frisky.

Seeing that I have to get up with the girls at 7am-ish and then make it through the day.

It’s Monday. I’m tired.

And it’s something like 90 degrees at 11pm


My dad and his lady (I adore her) are here visiting. I got a sitter for the kids for two hours on Friday night so I could take them to the piano bar and see J play. At 9:30 they got tired and went home, but loved J at the piano and loved that he played their favorite Tom Waits song. I stayed since I had the sitter until 10 and gulped down a glass of wine on the much too quicker side of time.

Other than that, it feels like my family isn’t my family and I’ve since created my own, as over time, my own has seemed to disappear and disapprove.

I totally don’t get it.

Anyway, fortunately, they are not staying with me, and not having my dad in the house 24-7 for a week is a godsend.

They met J. My mom already knows J, she lives across the island from us, and he is around alot and they’ve become friends.

My dad has nothing really to say, because he’s just kind of like that.

But at any rate, I feel disapproval from him, by not getting approval and it sucks that sometimes, although I know I don’t need it, I want it.

Even though I won’t get it.


We are in early negotiations for a property and business that we’ve come up with on our very own.

If it doesn’t work out, we will look for another location and J will likely travel for work again this winter, not as long as last winter, but he will still travel.

Likely a few weeks at a time, coming home in between.

I hate that and try not to think about it.

I try to think about how our business could work out and we’ll be in it together and he’ll stay.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Hang in there and try not to think about what may or may not happen this winter. You’ve still got a few months…who knows what might happen in that time.



  2. Very cool pic. What a good guy to come with you on your trip to Boston.


  3. Hi – Found your link via Unsolving… I couldn’t tag you back – Thanks for visiting MY Blog!

    The picture is good. Shows focus. Of confusion, I’m not sure. Maybe its My A.D.D. LOL

    Reading your “about me”.

    Lot’s of change. I can relate. Still in process. Hang on – it comes eventually – diguised as mutual agreement.

    I’ll stop by and make sure you’re ok.


  4. what a sweety that he wanted to take that long ride with you to pick up the girls. fingers crossed that the business works out for you two. let’s not speak of winter. I want summer all year long!


  5. Posted by jackie on August 19, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    I like the shot – you look ‘beachy’. Don’t think about the winter, live in this moment. The ‘other’ moments have a way of looking after themselves.


  6. Hey! I love the shot. And his iPhone camera is definitely better than ours. All of my pictures are blurry and 70s-looking. Hmph…tell him to go suck it, from me. I’m dying to know more about your new business. And nice on getting’ the bidness so much! (Trollop.)

    Don’t sweat too much about your parents’ approval. I think parents are just irritating, no matter what. My mom came over today to help me get the guest room ready for company, and instead, she cleaned my coffee maker for 20 minutes, and rearranged my freaking lamps. She tells my sister how to discipline her children. She nags me to eat my bread crust. It’s just in their nature to give constant advice, because they worry and have no way of exerting control over their grown children except to nag and fuss. And ohmigod, it is so painful and annoying. But ultimately, if I screamed at my mom every time she raised my blood pressure, we’d have no relationship at all. At least our parents love us to come visit and help out and eat dinners with us. A lot of people would kill for that.

    And how cool is it that your dad like Tom Waits!? Which song? My favorite is Blind Love. It was on our wedding CD.


  7. Posted by Peter Varvel on August 21, 2009 at 5:11 am

    I get the whole dad/disapproval thing. I’ve almost convinced myself that I don’t need my dad’s acceptance anymore.
    It’s exactly why I hardly mention him in my blog.
    I keep thinking that when he’s dead, I’ll be free to write about him without the risk of hurting him . . . back.


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