Breakfast in Bed

photoJ and the girls like to make me breakfast in bed on occasion and although I have a hard time not intervening and having some control over what they do at times, I find that it’s better if they do it on their own and surprise me.

Breakfast tends to come with something on the side, along with big grins from the girls, ecstatic of their choices.

As you can see, this week’s was cereal with a side of chocolate chips.

The previous week, toast with some Lifesavers.

And before that, a stick of gum.

The problem with that is the next morning, we woke up and on my 1000 count WHITE sheets, were melted chocolate chips. We’d slept on a few strays, unknowingly.

Not good.

New rule: no chocolate in bed.

The girls left last night for a ten day vacation with their dad before school starts and although I miss them already, I am glad for the time to sleep, clean out junk (again), switch up their old mattresses and box springs for new ones, and clean.

The piano bar was not so lively last night, but it was intimate and fun and nice to see local friends.

Tonight hopefully promises to be better, it being Saturday and slightly cooler from the 9o degree temps we’ve been having.

Some bad news, that has freaked out our city a bit, is a boil water order.

Something went down at the treatment plant and reservoir, so we have to boil water to drink or drink bottled water. I for one, am worried about rations, so I bought 8 gallons and three 24 pack cases of those smaller bottles you see everywhere. It’s disconcerting, seeing the entire population kind of freak out and race to the store, but what I found interesting is how little people were buying. I bought $20 worth of water for just me and J (since the girls are gone) and most folks were buying a gallon or two.

I bought it right after J went to work and when we got home late last night, he walked in and saw the huge pile of water sitting in the living room and goes, “you’re not kidding!”

Yeah. I’m not kidding.

I ain’t gonna run out of water.

I can do without canned foods and toast, but as long as we’ve got some wine and water, I’m good.

9 responses to this post.

  1. I hope your water situation clears up soon, and your girls come home well!


  2. Ouch. Hopefully the water situation improves. Not so good lady.

    Love that you get breakfast in bed, though – I’m very much looking forward to the day when I get treats like that! πŸ™‚


  3. Yeah, I’m with you. I gotta have my water!

    Mmmmm…. chocolate 1000 thread count sheets.



  4. yeah! you get some alone time with J. I can’t even remember the last time I had breakfast in bed. You are a lucky one. the sides are too funny.


  5. Did the breakfast come with grape juice? Maybe the chocolate isn’t that bad after all.


  6. We had that during the flooding last year. All the stores were out of water and peanut butter.

    Enjoy your alone time with J.


  7. We have big runs on water when hurricanes loom… Selling out is quite common. And sometimes when a water main breaks.

    I need my water. I probably drink nearly a gallon a day all by myself.


  8. Hey there! Been really busy with school starting. I have a new post that should catch you up. Hope all is going well.


  9. I’ve lived in both hurricane- and earthquake-prone areas, and the most we’ve ever gotten was about a gallon, just in case. Who has that much storage space???

    You’re lucky. Breakfast in bed and it wasn’t even your birthday!

    As per the chocolate, if you had a nice fat dog to ferret out abandoned food (she considers food left on the table within reach to be “abandoned”), you wouldn’t have these problems. May I recommend a small brown dog? She’s cheap.


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