Greasy Hair December 19, 2005

With this damn boil water order still in effect, I am wondering what’s going on with my hair, the deposits from the shower, whatever CRAP may be lingering on my body.

Last night, we were brushing our teeth at 1am after getting home from J’s work at the piano bar. He suddenly shrieked and goes, “I just used TAP water to brush my teeth!” despite that we have a jug of bottled water there to use for safety sake and per order of the DEP of Massachusetts.

So far, he’s still alive.

There is no ecoli in the water, thank goodness, but an electrician working on fixing the problem at the plant says it could be a few more weeks.


At any rate, wondering what is gonna happen to my hair if this continues and I keep showering in our lovely tainted city water, I am reminded of a post I wrote in 1995 for my first ever blog “Painter Beach Girl”. I wrote the blog when I was going through my divorce, dating a chef, and living with my mother with a two and four year old in her 800 square foot condo.

What a long way we have come.

So here is a hair story.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Greasy Hair

My mom gave me some baby oil to put in the girls’ bath water, in hopes of smoothing out their skin in this dry winter weather, brought on my cold temps and wind outside and the heat in the house, drying out their baby skin. My 3 year old is constantly on her back on the seisel rug, her shirt hiked up around her neck, wiggling around, scratching her back. It was my solution to her constant whining “scratch my back, Mommy! HIGHER! MORE!” while the grilled cheese sandwiches were burning on the stove. I’ve considered making her a scratching post in the doorway.

So, I added it to their tub that night and got them bathed, nearly lost grip on them as they got out of the bath, but my, they were soft as newborn babies. I thought I might have scored on the skin conditioning thing. The lotion I had been using didnt work well and they didnt like it because it was cold when I put it on them.

As their hair dried, I couldnt figure out why it seemed to dry in wet looking clumps and touched it and realized their hair was incredibly greasy, from the baby oil bath water! Whoops!

It brought back something that happened a few years ago when I started highlighting my hair at a hair salon. The salon lady suggested I use shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair to protect my new “do”. So, the next day, with two children in tow, as they pulled bottles and potions off the shelves, wanting to smell the contents and blow “bubbles”, I pretty much grabbed what I needed and threw it into my cart.

For a few weeks, I couldnt figure out why my hair was so limp and heavy and flat and it almost felt greasy. I’d been washing my hair with my new shampoo and conditioner and one night in the shower, I decided to actually look at the bottle. Maybe I was using too much, or it’s one of those “condition once a week only” things. Maybe the lady who colored my hair, screwed something up. On the verge of blaming salon lady, I carefully read the bottle for the first time, which clearly said “Shampoo for women of color” not “Shampoo for color treated hair”.

9 responses to this post.

  1. oh my gosh what a funny story- women of color!! i laughed so much my ribs hurt…you are such a dork.


  2. reminds me of the time someone told me they put baby oil in their hair. So, I tried it. yuck. After washing it several times I ended up wearing a hat that night. Hope the water problem goes away, pronto. That sucks bigtime!


  3. Sounds like greasy hair is the least of your problems. You’ve been blogging this long? Wow, I am impressed….


  4. I might go insane under such a long water boil order. Your story reminded me that I used to bathe Julia with Vaseline in her bathwater…she had horrible excema as a baby and this is what my dermatologist recommended after the baby oil wasn’t helping…slippery suckers when they’re finished with those baths. And great tub rings too.

    Great flashback post! I don’t thing I’ve ever noticed shampoo “for women of color” on the shelves. I think our stores must have them these shampoos is their own sections because I know I’ve seen them, just never noticed they are something I have to make sure not to pick – I’ll have to pay attention to this next time I’m shampoo shopping.


  5. That story is so funny. I just bought a bottle of shiner in the section for people of color. It is like the stuff I bought at Sally’s beauty supply that comes in a .5 oz bottle. You put a little dab in your hands and rub it into your hair and it detangles it and makes it soft and shiny and non frizzy. I tried it and now my hair is smooth and silky and a 4 oz bottle cost $4.47 versus $1.50 for a tablespoon of the same stuff at a beauty supply store.


  6. Wow – you’re a stronger woman that I am to be able to survive this boil order. Wow. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.


  7. That’s funny. Your boil water order just sucks. I hope it clears soon.


  8. SNORT!


  9. Haha! You got sheened!

    My best friend when I was 12 and I were cleaning out the tack room at her barn one time and got into a fight with the econo-size tub of horse vaseline. I had to wear a bandanna over my hair for weeks. My mom tried everything…dawn, oven cleaner, super orange. Nothing helped.


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