I love that my kids take pictures of me stuffing my face and talking on the phone, all at the same time.


…and they take pictures of my behind. (not something I love, I did some cropping)



I love J for driving two hours to his Monday night gig and then turning around to come home late at night so he’s here in the morning for the girls’ first day back at school. (as opposed to sleeping at his mom’s)


I killed the new orchid that my friend gave me as a thank you present, and my man didn’t make fun of me (even though “we” know I kill plants).  He just tried to fix it, seeing that he has some natural credentials for plant and flower care (who knew?). (we’re still waiting to see if it’s fixed)


J and I have been getting alot of things done around the house lately, one being a small project that required a drill.

When I went to make sandwiches for lunch on my super duper nice and expensive favorite wooden bread board, I noticed a hole in it. A small one, but hell, it was a damn hole.  I pointed at it and looked at J and said, “WHAT’S THAT!?”

He went nearly white and goes, “the drill slipped!  My gawd, I can’t believe you actually noticed it!!!!”

For some reason, it didn’t make me mad, I couldn’t help but laugh at the horror on his face, and for the last few days, I laugh ever time I see it.



After some sleepy sex, you know, the kind where you are aware of what’s going on but you’re both kind of sleepy and afterwards, trying to talk and make sense, is not possible, I hear J say something way in the background of my fuzzy semi-sleep-mode:

Me, sitting up suddenly:  YOU SAID YOU DIDN”T COME?

J: Nooooo, I said that after that salsa tonight, I need a Tums!!!!!!!!

8 responses to this post.

  1. Didn’t see that one coming….that’s why I love reading your posts! I giggled all the way through – but laughed out loud at the end. Hilarious!


  2. HAAA! I love that I was mainly surprised by you popping up all alarmed about it. Clearly, we have different priorities!


  3. OMG. Love it. Hilarious!!


  4. What a fun post. You still look amazing even though you’re eating and talking on the phone. I’m a big fan of cropping.

    The last bit was great. I would have had the same reaction.


  5. oh that was too funny. can imagine the look on your face, all concerned and all. us ladies aim to please!


  6. Sounds like J needs a workbench.


  7. You guys are awesome 😀


  8. How nice that you were concerned about his climax. Not all women would have cared. I still love that you let the kids go crazy with the camera. Future photog pros…


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