Our week


Blue said, upon inspecting her belly button the other night, “My belly button, it looks like two butt cheeks.”

It was the first day of school Tuesday, and Monday, the girls came home  after ten days with their dad and I had a nice surprise. (strangely, the font has changed here and I can’t seem to figure out why,  nor can I fix it, SO sorry, it appears I am yelling here, but I’m not)

The surprise was that in ten days, they never brushed their hair.

So you can imagine all the knots and tangles, in fact, Blue nearly has dreadlocks.

Seriously people.

I should invest in hair conditioner, because I used an entire bottle in two days.

At any rate, they were very excited to wear a new outfit, pack their school supplies and see their friends. Miraculously, we rarely got together with friends over the summer (I needed a break from the mom groups, especially), so now, it’s a novelty for them to be back in school.

Red came home from school that first day and shrieked, “I LOVE THIRD GRADE!” and Blue, moseyed around and  said, “First grade is JUST like Kindergarten.”

There is still the damn boil order.

We use mostly bottled water but I boil water to hand wash the dishes that can’t go in the dishwasher.

They called in the EPA.

Maybe something will get fixed eh, or at least a state of emergency so they’ll give us market coupons for all the water we are buying.

A few days ago, the kids were in school and J and I were working around the house and paying bills and just, well, “getting stuff done”. We looked outside and realized it was gorgeous out so decided to pack lunch and ride our bikes down to the beach and hang out for a bit.

Crazy J, who doesn’t seem to feel the cold in the water for some reason, dove in and did some swimming. I stood at the water’s edge, my feet in, up to my ankles and my arms wrapped around my chest, showing him how cold I thought it was.

He made a motion with his hands. He mouthed some instructions from the waves, while I stood facing him, yards and yards away, on the shore.

I looked behind me. I looked to my left. I looked to my right.

And then I flashed him.

Yes, I pulled up my bikini top ever so quickly.

I think he thought I wouldn’t do it.

11 responses to this post.

  1. Hee. I love shocking them like that. 😉


  2. LOL
    I flashed my date in a restaurant once. years later, I still wonder if they got me on a security camera.
    That boil water thing is rediculas. Makes me happy I have my own well.


  3. Good grief, still boiling your water? What is up with your utility folks?

    And flashing J is classic, he is a lucky man.


  4. Hope you can be done boiling soon, what a drag! Private wells aren’t necessarily safer… they certainly don’t all get tested as often as municipal water supplies. Back when it was part of my job to inspect them, I saw some rural drinking water wells that made me shudder.

    Here’s hoping we have a few good beach days left in the season!


  5. I do the flashing thing with my husband too…sometimes I think he asks me thinking for sure there’s no way I would, but I almost always do (after looking in all directions too.

    And my son came home from his first day in 3rd grade the other week proclaiming that it was the “perfect first day of school”. I think he’s really enjoying it.

    Hope the girls didn’t have too much of a tender head after all of the tangles.


  6. WOW. I can’t imagine a boil order this long with kids. Ugh.

    Didn’t brush their hair in 10 days?!? Sheesh! Doesn’t it make you wonder sometimes what they’re thinking?

    Flashing J? Yeah, I’d have probably done the same thing. Ya know… to my man, not J.



  7. That’s crazy that your ex didn’t think to brush your girls’ hair. Can you imagine if you sent them to him like that? Weird.

    I hope they lift the boil order soon. I don’t know how you guys have done it for so long.


  8. Amazingly, I think I brush Peanut’s hair more than her mother does.

    Flashing is fun no matter what age.


  9. haha! nice job on the flashing!

    But I’m still thinking about how long it took you to brush hair that hadn’t been brushed in 10 days! Bringing back bad childhood memories of having my long tangled hair brushed out!


  10. i flash m all the time (at his parent’s house when they turn their backs, in the car, anywhere i can!). it’s a fun game now that i have huge ta ta’s 🙂


  11. 10 days? That’s aLOT of tangles.

    Way to flash your chi chi’s. Nothing like a good boob teaser.


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