End of the season

photoThis is me and my bottled water.


The boil order was lifted in our town, we are personally deciding to continue to drink bottled water until the pipes and systems are flushed out, but I am no longer boiling water in order to wash the dishes, which was getting pretty annoying.


The end of the piano playing season here at J’s local gig ends Columbus Day weekend, if all goes as planned.

Labor Day weekend was absolutely nuts, the piano bar was packed to the gills.

Lots of fun.

On Saturday around 5pm, J says to me, “let’s do that song you know.”

And in about ten minutes, he learned “Make you feel my love”, a song I know the lyrics to.

Written by Bob Dylan and sung by many, some know it as a Garth Brooks tune.

I love it as the Adele tune.

So, I sang it and it went off without a hitch.

Hilariously, some guys at the bar knew it from “Hope Floats” and it makes me laugh that they had seen the movie.

At any rate, the end of the “season” signifies something I felt last year at this time when I knew he’d be gone for six months gigging out of the country.

Oh my, that was brutal.

So far, he hasn’t scheduled anything and yesterday, out of the blue, he got a call from a booking agent (who has booked him other private gigs in the last few years) who has tentatively scheduled him in four dueling piano gigs. Four of these combined, pays the equivalant of a month of take home pay of his overseas gigs.

And he’s only going to be gone overnight for each of them, over the span of four weeks.

One of them is local and my girls will be gone with their dad, so I get to “go-with”.


That still leaves the rest of the winter to plan for.

I will not stress or worry.

It is what it is.

8 responses to this post.

  1. My husband does seasonal work too. Back when he’d been laid off, he went after every freelance sports gig he could (he does production and editing). Often, that meant he left on Thursday morning and came back home Sunday night. When he finally (after 6 years) got another regular job, he cut the freelance back to local stuff only – no traveling. We still need the extra money that his local stuff brings in, but he’s getting awfully tired of sporting events. Football, baseball, basketball… soccer and volleyball too. After so many years, I’m used to him being gone (even if he manages to get home late and sleep at home), but I think that long separation has kept us from being as close to each other as we might have been.

    Perhaps this latest stint in the poor house has taught us how to live on much less… enough so that maybe next year, he won’t have to freelance quite so much – even if it IS local.


  2. I can certainly see why you might stress or worry about the situation. I know last year was a hard one. I think you have a great attitude – it is what it is. It seems like things are shaping up nicely with the dueling gigs.

    I would love to hear you two perform that song – it is beautiful!


  3. Hang in there….keep having faith. *hugs*

    BTW, I love Adele’s version of that song. It’s so fantastic.


  4. things always seem to work out exactly as they should. I bet this Winter goes WAY better than last for you two.


  5. Awesome news all around then! It sounds like Fall is coming, and changes for the good.


  6. Glad to hear about the boil order being lifted. That must have been a pain.
    Let me know if J comes west, maybe we can meet.


  7. It’s been fun to see pictures of you lately. There is definitely a “glow” about you. You and J just seem to have found your niche and are making it work. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Ahh, the life of an entertainer….


  8. adele–wow what a voice. thanks for sharing that


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