Piano-bar-ing with Vinnie

The last few weeks have been hectic.

We finally bought J a car.

Wanted a Prius.

Got a Toyota Corolla.

After two full weeks of mommy-hood, the girls went to their dad’s tonight for the weekend.

I am leaving in a few minutes to go to the piano bar to meet my friend, Vinnie.

I love Vinnie.

He and his partner bought my mom’s condo across town, three years ago, and that is how we met.

Vinnie drinks ALOT of Vodka and is one of the funniest people I know, even when he isn’t drinking Vodka.

Last month, he and his partner came to the piano bar for the first time, and they had not yet met J. As a note before I tell this funny short story, I will say that J plays piano while sitting in a rolling office chair. A really nice one, with a high back. It’s turned into a part of his show, he’ll roll around to people’s tables to get requests, he’ll spin around if no one claps or responds if he asks a question through the mic. It’s pretty entertaining. He mainly uses it just because it is the most comfortable thing for him to sit in while playing for five hours at night.

At any rate, Vinnie comes to the piano bar last month for the first time and sits down with me, we start our drinks and he finally leans over and goes, “OH honey, I thought he was in a WHEELCHAIR, and I’m thinking, ‘oh, how sweet, you are in love with a shaved head, piano playing man in a wheelchair!”

Vinnie thought the rolling office chair was a wheel chair and J was doing tricks on the floor with it.

Not that there is anything wrong with being in love with someone in a wheelchair, it;s just that Vinnie was a little confused and had wondered why I hadn’t mentioned it before.

My other favorite Vinnie story at the piano bar was when I was called up to sing and when I sat back down, he goes, “Oh look, someone thought you were so good, they bought you a beer!”

And sure enough, there in front of my chair was a new beer.

I looked around and go, “Oh really? Who thought I was good?”

And he grinned this grin that you’d see on a three year old and promptly squealed, “ME!”

I am raring to go, I checked my outfit, made sure my deodorant is working. (because Vinnie is very outspoken and will tell me if there is something wrong, and even though he is gay, I find this immense need to impress him, even though he isn’t the kind of friend who needs impressing, I still love impressing him…you know, I get some sort of validation when he tells me my ass is looking good or my boobs are perky today).

And now, I am out the door.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Yeah, we wanted a Prius and bought a Corolla, too. The Corolla is a great car. Boring though. Especially since we got a grey one. Why don’t they make them in fun colors?

    Have a blast tonight!


  2. Everyone needs a friend like Vinnie. 🙂 Hope you had a great time.


  3. LOL I would love to have a gay buddy like that. A straight up, in your face, tell you the truth, type of friend. Congrats on finding the car. Hooking up with Jack again tonight? You may be sorry in the morning 😉


  4. It’s like with my girlfriends. I dress up way more for them than a guy. They WILL notice and let me know.


  5. He sounds like the perfect friend to have! I like him!


  6. I love my gay friends – they help keep you grounded.

    Enjoy the car!


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