Home on a Friday night

Tonight is a crisp Fall night and everyone I know is complaining about being cold.

I’m loving it and love the down comforter and the fresh air without being frozen, baking apple pound cake and roasting chickens…

You catch my drift.

We’ve got the girls with us this weekend and J left for work an hour ago. He has three more weekends of the piano bar here in town, ending on Columbus Day weekend. For some reason, there are only three people in the bar and no one in the vicinity.

So when my phone rang just now, an hour into his gig, I got a little concert via iphone, he played some of my favorites before three more people (who are actually friends of ours) came into the bar.

Perhaps he will come home early tonight if they close early.

Fortunately, next week we have about 25 friends coming and then the following, is closing weekend, the nights where locals and friends and followers all join together for the last hurrah.

I can’t wait, but what lies ahead for us is exciting and unknown.

So far, he is only traveling at the end of October for a weekend for a Florida dueling pianos gig.

After that, no plane tickets anywhere.

We are still planning and scheming for the next step for both of us, professionally and hope to have something in place in a month or so. Or at least have made a sound decision about what we will be doing from here going forward.

Good thing is that we’re together.

On another note, Red got sick this week, but it appeared to be an allergy thing but she was so uncomfortable and coughing so much, I took her to the doctor.

I believe there is mold in the school.

She is now with an inhaler, a nebulizer was delivered the other day, and the poor thing can finally breathe somewhat normally again.

It;s scary, mold.

It’s in the school, other kids are sick and on inhalers. I am about to raise a stink, even if they are making small moves to fix some of the problems, the school should be shut down and repaired. Unfortunately our town has no resources for that.

When I say that, I mean, NONE.

Our town is in dire straights.

Anyone know anything about mold in schools and grants that can be given for such a problem?

So, Red is healing and will go back to school next week.

The doctor is asking me to document how she is feeling, etc, based on when she is in school and when she is not, and if this comes back once she is healed and back in school, we know it is environmental, at her school.

Interestingly enough, I talked to a teacher who told me to do the same thing because no one will listen to her…about how serious the mold problem is.

The most important thing is that we keep the kids safe, even if we have to but them out of district or to another safer building in town.

So on that note, I am off to paint a bit (I have been lagging on the professional front) and watch some tv until I fall asleep.


Friday night.

8 responses to this post.

  1. about red- carpeting is usually the big problem

    about J- where the hell in FL is he going to be? and if it’s here i hope you are coming with!


  2. I love your updates about how your family is all coming together! I hope Red gets better.


  3. Posted by Peter Varvel on September 26, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    I, too, have been lagging, on the creativity/writing front.
    And yes, the good thing IS that you are together. Yay!


  4. I just laughed when I read the first line…I’m one of the ones complaining (whining, really) about being cold!


  5. I complain about cold too…but right now I feel ready for a bit of coolness. It’s been SO hot here.

    If there is mold at that school there had better be some steps to resolve it. From what I understand that is extremely serious. Poor Red!

    I am sure you and your family will work out the balancing act of home and career and all that…as you say, you are together. That’s what counts.


  6. Poor Red. The building I work in has been a sick building for a long time. It’ had a roof that leaked and nothing seemed to fix it. Last year, the university finally put some effort into it and re-did the roof completely. It is not fixed completely – there are a couple of places that just don’t seem to be fixable. But all the ceiling tiles were replaced because of the mold growing on the away side. It’s not completely gone, but things have improved immensely.

    Now, I if I could just get the lady across the hall to stop wearing so much perfume…

    Glad you guys are together and making a plan for your future so maybe J won’t have to travel much anymore!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE weather that lets you leave the windows open while you snuggle under blankets. We’re not there yet here, but maybe in another month or so!


  7. I hope Red is feeling better.

    Your Friday sounds wonderful and sweet. I’m glad everything is working out so well for you guys.


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