Creatures of Habit


J and I have been eating out alot lately. It makes me slightly mad though, since I am a menu planner, I can cook with my eyes closed, better than some restaurants at times, I shop for fresh ingredients.

So when we are tired or short on time, we stop off somewhere and get a bite to eat and in the end, I throw away food that has gone bad. (like the asparagus that is fermenting in my produce drawer at the moment)

I also gain a few extra pounds.

Especially with the extra donut here and there.

At any rate, when we eat out, we have our favorite spots and our favorite dishes and I realize that some places we’ve eaten at for the last year and a half together, I have only had one or two things on the menu because I go there “just for that”.

The chili lime wings and avacado mango salad at one place, the fish chowder at another, the reuben sandwich at another.

We ate at Denny’s this morning and I had my usual Denny’s breakfast, where I can pick four things from a list of ten. I usually stock up on the meats, bacon and sausage, have a few eggs over hard and two pancakes with that horribly yummy soft whipped butter and cheapo tasting syrup. Of course, the bad coffee tops it off.

We go there when we’re driving by on the highway usually, the kids like it and we’ve tended to go with a chessboard and made it a Denny’s event.

My first time in a Denny’s was last February when J and I ate at one a few mornings when I visited him in Curacao, where he was playing piano.

I thought it was funny that Denny’s was in such a tropical foreign place with other languages being spoken, but still, the food is the same here as it was there.

And I am still ordering the same damn thing.

The girls are in 1st and 3rd grade and this is the first year they have been interested in school lunches. It’s been nice to give them two bucks and a bottle of water and know they are getting fed at school and I didn’t have to think up something new for their lunchbox. (I’ve added pickles and cereal sometimes to spice things up).

Every week, the circle the same thing on the lunch menu, since I let them choose two days a week. Friday Pizza and Wednesday french toast.

Creatures of habit?

I think yes.

Tonight, J is gone for his Monday gig up north and will be back tomorrow morning. He called while I was taking a power walk this afternoon and I told him that I hate how my clothes are fitting me (or not fitting me)….way too tight in the jeans…and he goes, “well, we’d better have MORE sex then!”

Tomorrow, he said he’ll be home before the girls get out of school. I told him I needed at least an hour workout.

But still, with him gone tonight, I got myself a teeny itsy bitsy California Pizza Kitchen pizza to have while watching chick shows on the DVR (ones he refuses to watch) and get to some more painting for the swelling of holiday business I seem to have, starting around Halloween…but worse than that tiny pizza, and I will admit it and not be glad that I did it….I was very happy to see Mallomars back on the shelf at the market today….so I bought a box. I have eaten two and seriously considering dumping them down the garbage disposal…because they are so good, yet sooooo bad.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Skyler likes to go out to breakfast every now and then. We go to Perkins, which is a lot like Dennys. That coffee they serve could be used to clean off battery’s! And I always spend the rest of the day with stomach growling.


  2. Happiness and being in love tends to be bad for the size of one’s behind. I’m right there with you, girl….except I’m not with mine enough to get regular workouts. 😉


  3. sexercise is the best work out as far as I am concerned. and I am losing a bit of weight lately LOL


  4. I’m convinced being single keeps me too skinny. I’m never this thin when I’m in a healthy relationship. Maybe it’s because when I’m single, I have no other way to work off the stress, so I don’t eat and I run too much. Sigh.


  5. French toast – smart girl!

    So this post totally reminded me of something that happened last week. A guy I sit near in the office came back from a week in Florida, looks at me and says, “oh my god, I gained 4 pounds last week. The food was A-MA-ZING!” Before I could ask, he just grins and says, “Applebees. The onion rings!” And then another guy starts telling me how much he loved Wendy’s when he was in the US. Which just had me in stitches, although I did concede french fries dipped in Frosties are a treat. And I can’t laugh too much because the week before he left, he was asking me what things I missed and the first thing out of my mouth was ‘ho-hos’. Not exactly gourmet either!


  6. Been a bit out of pocket lately. Got all caught up on your posts. Loved them all.

    Your taste in food is very similar to mine, and I too, am a creature of habit.
    I do those exact same things. I’m a habit with things other than food too.

    I’m glad things are going well!


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