Funniest line ever at midnight

three pears on kitchen windowsillThis has nothing to do with this post, but here is a painting I just finished. I’m in the process of framing it now. Framing=pain in the ass.

Yesterday J flew to Orlando to play in a dueling piano gig this weekend. It vaguely reminded me how last year at this time he was flying out for six months to play for the winter. This time it’s just a few days and I am using the time to get ready for some art shows (ie: paint) do some shopping and cleaning and catch up on some tv on the DVR he doesn’t care about. (ie: The Good Wife, The Forgotten, Drop Dead Diva, Castle)

Last week some folks asked where he was headed for the winter and he goes, “Well, nowhere so far, I want to stick around here.”

Considering we’re still lovin” each other, that’s a good thing.

We used the good old Skype last night, something we depended on last year so much, for our daily chats, watching the inauguration together, having breakfast together, or flashing boobs and all that good stuff. (See “history” section on the left sidebar for “Movin’ Down the Road” to read more about that)

He’s in Florida at the moment for a private party, a dueling piano gig. This means he and another piano player play two pianos, and it turns not into a wonderful music extravaganza, but more of a comedy show with some fast fingers. It’s a riot, I have been to a gig with him and it’s generally about making fun of the audience and each other.

He and the other other piano player went out to dinner and to a piano bar that is over near Disney last night.

J called me from outside of the bar and goes, “I hate piano bars”.

This is funny seeing that playing in piano bars is not only his specialty, but it’s his favorite venue.

But being on the “other side” of the piano, he hated.

We came to the conclusion that he would not be the kind of guy who would frequent piano bars, ever.

This morning, he called when he woke up.

The first thing I heard when I answered the phone was, “Orlando sucks”.

Apparently, his hotel is on a busy drag and he listened to cars and trucks driving by all night. (note: he did admit that he could be anywhere but when he woke up after a bad night’s sleep, he decided he wasn’t loving Orlando)

Last night when he was in bed, he Skyped me. I answered Skype and he appeared on the screen buck naked eating chicken wings on the bed.


We chatted some more.

I flashed him.

We talked about masturbation (come on, you’ve talked about it before, you know you’ve done it….) and out of the blue, the funniest thing ever said by J on Skype…. “You know, I learned years ago, not to masturbate with soap.”

And looking at his face while we both laughed hysterically, I thought to myself, THIS IS WHY I LOVE HIM.

7 responses to this post.

  1. I hate Orlando too. I hope I never have to go there again.

    I don’t care for soap either…. well, not like that.


  2. LOL too funny


  3. I love those “this is why I love him” moments.


  4. I can understand his dislike for piano bars.

    Now on that other issue, be sure to cover the keyboard!!!!



  5. Oh.. and i like your picture!!!!


  6. You two are perfect for each other. Awesome.


  7. I don’t know that I’ve ever done a piano bar, or dueling pianos, but I won’t knock it until I’ve tried it. Now SKYPE…Skype is something I have also never tried. But it sounds like a great thing.

    Am I the only commenter broaching “the subject” in the comment section?…well, yes. We do talk about it. Guessing most couples talk about it (at least if the relationship is a good and trusting one), you and I are just the only ones brave enough to admit it – ha.


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