Best conversation of the day

Blue, while sitting on the toilet, talking to herself:

“Someone’s eye lash is on the toilet seat!”

“How’d it get there?”

Calling out:  “Mommy, how did an eyelash just DROP OFF of someone’s eyelid and land on the toilet seat?”

Red pipes up:

“It’s probably one of J’s back hairs!”

(or something)

9 responses to this post.

  1. HA!! Love it!! 😀


  2. ha, ha, ha. yea, eyelash.


  3. That is great stuff! And hey, check out your new look!


  4. Ha ha! That is so funny. The kids and their little brains…


  5. Ewwww!…But funny.


  6. Oh, the things they pick up on! Love it!


  7. eeewwww! Thanks for the laugh, though!


  8. OMG… that is TOO funny!!!!! Thanks.


  9. Posted by intrepideddie on December 18, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    This is why I have a dog. Dogs provide convenient excuses for damn-near everything. What’s on the toilet seat? Dog hair. What’s that smell? The dog. Who ate all the cookies that were meant for the party? The dog.

    The perfect scapegoat. (And out of guilt, he is handsomely rewarded for it.)


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