(a painting by me)

I find sometimes I don’t do enough breathing, the good kind that brings in fresh air and exhaling it all, like a momentary cleansing.

We’ve been pretty busy with the stuff for the potential piano bar, add that to my two kids having birthdays right before Thanksgiving and right before Christmas, well, it’s sheer craziness.

The other night, after more bank meetings, broker meetings, grocery shopping and a doctor appointment, we spent the evening relaxing with some wine WHILE doing more work on our laptops.

We were in bed at midnight, the lights were out, and J turned over to say something, I was thinking he might wanna “get busy”, but he sighed and goes, “You know, I can’t remember if I showered today.”

And he lay there trying to muster up the energy to get up and take one, just in case, and we both fell asleep.

Anyway, I have been sick. Not mega sick, but the lingering, mild annoying cold/cough kind of sick. I loooove going to bed with tea and the humidifier going beside me because it gives relief. J has been rubbing my back until I fall asleep…I wake up okay but by the end of the day I have fallen again, it seems.

I was getting by better by Wednesday and then had a kind of busy-ish day on Thursday and that night felt like hell.

Friday I put in a ten hour day at an art show, that sucked.

The art show sucked, it sucked as badly as the one two week prior…one of those artisan fair things…I will tell you, few folks are buying lots of stuff this year (but we already know that).

Damn economy.

We spent Saturday meeting with our restaurant broker, the sellers of the restaurant, out to lunch with the kids and then to a holiday party, outside, IN THE RAIN.

Yeah, I know, stupid me with a cough, in the rain.

The, today, I drove to Cambridge and had another all day show.

(here’s another painting)

I won’t go into too much detail other than, “Damn economy.”

Fortunately for regular customers who have commissioned me or shopped online for work, it has helped a bit, but certainly, the fine arts side of things isn’t thriving. But, ya know what everyone’s getting for Christmas this year…

Anyway, I am done now with the holiday work, aside from pending commissions and last minute orders.

…and another by me…

We’re a week or so away from signing and purchase and sale on our restaurant.

The bank is excited and wrapping up our loan this weekend, according to the SBA.

I can’t stop coughing, and keep thinking how when/if we run a restaurant, I will need some serious medication if I get a cold and cough like this because I can’t cough and make, serve or even be near food and patrons. I will need some serious drugs, right off the bat (as opposed to this holistic measure sort of thing with tea and vegetable juice and sleep)

Although it seem so close and real, the deal could fall through at any moment, due to the appraisal or something wonky like the restaurant nearly falling into the river or something (yes, the restaurant is ON a river).

We shrug our shoulders and find that we are either going to be doing this, changing our lives forever and changing the fate of our family as we know it (all for good!), or we will sleep many more nights without anxiety of putting all our eggs in a basket.

All I have to do now, is remember to keep breathing.

It all seems like so much, so much excitement, so much change, so much…so much…

8 responses to this post.

  1. Just remember to keep talking and be friends. You’re going through a traumatic experience right now getting the new place off the ground.

    Mucinex is your friend.


  2. Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling rotten. And in the middle of all the go, go, go. Yuck.
    I hope the deal is inked quickly, places on the water always seem to do well if managed well. You guys will do just fine!

    I hope everyone else stays healthy. And “Down with the economy”, I say.


  3. I agree, this year sucks. The wife and kids are knitting like crazy this year. Everyone we know should be expecting scarfs, shawls, or knit caps this Christmas. Good luck on the “new adventure.”


  4. love, love love your paintings. get well soon! gonna save my pennies and plan on eating at your new restaurant one day!


  5. That’s a lot to deal with. I hope you stat feeling better…Both physically and emotionally.


  6. *hugs*

    Just remember to breathe…..


  7. great paintings! the first one watercolor?

    good luck with the piano bar. wish it was in my neck of the woods. i would totally frequent it often.


  8. Posted by Peter Varvel on December 9, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    “Damn economy,” indeed. Just tell them that the restaurant will not float away in the river until 2012 – you have three years left to make a profit!
    I love the paintings, too.


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