Spoiled, and I should be

I’ve been pretty sick, after what seemed to be a mild cold, it got bad for a few days.

With the coughing, I was keeping J awake… so sadly, he was happy to sleep on the couch so he can get a full night’s sleep and I don’t have to stress about holding in the cough.

After going through a busier than ever 5 days, and feeling sicker as the days went on, the other day I woke up to pouring rain and my cough nearly gone.

J came in to the room and said “Stay in bed. I’ll take care of things.”

He’d already been walking the girls to school and picking them up for me the entire week, but this one day was the first in a week that we had nothing planned and nowhere to go.

It was my recuperation day.

I watched the rest of the Glee episodes I hadn’t seen yet, on Hulu.com.

I drank some very green juice three times a day, made by J.

I slept.

I watched Oprah.

And now, aside from a tiny cough, here and there, I am healed.

Friday night, we decided to go see New Moon, because we’d seen Twilight on Netflix and liked it alot. (it took us two nights to watch it though, cause we kept falling asleep).

So, if you’ve seen it, I guess most people’s responses has been “LOVED IT!” and some say “it dragged”.

I’ll give you a hint of what we thought, J was a little more “verbal” about it.

Through the second half of the movie, he kept rolling his head around, looking over at me, and making loud snoring noises.

Yeah, fun.

I got to spend two hours in a movie theatre  (freezing my ass off, by the way, why don’t theaters turn on their heat? I am paying $10.50 for a movie, at least give me some warmth!) with vampires and werewolves and putting up with J’s “crazy”.

4 responses to this post.

  1. my god, a movie?! a theater? i’m agog with jealousy… still have too many kids with too many years to go until i get to leave the house after 6 p.m. dang.
    my god. did you have popcorn? ‘crazy’ aside, sounds incredible, even miraculous… 🙂


  2. J treats you right there girl!


  3. It sounds like J. take pretty good care of you…While still being a guy. It all sounds good.


  4. Hoo I’m glad you’re feeling better. Nice that J gave you that space. Good guy!

    Not a fan of the Twilight stuff… I would have joined him. LOL Except I’ll yawn out loud, or give loud commentry… ” is it over yet>”


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