Random odd thinkings

So, I spent a fortune recently on a bunch of Aveda face products back when J sent me to the spa for a facial.

Can I say that it is TOTALLY worth it!?!?!?

My face has been the clearest, bestest, ever, in years (since before kids, before the hormones went all wacky on me)

I bought this serum and that is my favorite.

But I can’t help noticing, every time I squirt some out, it reminds me of something….


It just does, so there, I said it.

Anyone else notice that?

And then I bought this awesome soap at Trader Joe’s, with lavender IN it. There is all this organic stuff in it that exfoliates and smells awesome, but the one thing that has set me back is that the little black lavender leaves sometimes get left behind in silly places like my arm pit or way down “there”….and I start thinking I have bugs, but realize it’s only lavender….

yeah, weird, huh?

The other day, J stepped out of the shower and obviously had washed his face with it. He started spitting into the sink and goes, “I think I had a bug in my mouth!!!!”

And I calmly stood there and said, “ah heck, no, that was just some lavender…”

About two weeks ago we got our tree and it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized, the damn thing doesn’t smell. I am wondering “what kind of tree is this?” Well, it’s the kind that obviously doesn’t smell. I swear, it isn’t fake, but it also barely needs water. The thing is perky and lovely and I water it every three days, compared to the past years of watering almost twice a day!

Strange, low maintenance tree…but I sure wish is smelled nice. It smells like, well, nothing…

My mom sent us a box of Harry and David Pears. There are ten of them. I am appreciative and we love pears, but aside from making a pie or having a family of ten, who can eat ten pears before they spoil? I have a gorgeous bowl of pears sitting in the middle of the kitchen island, and fortunately the kids are eating pears now and decided they like them and fortunately I love making pear pie…

I have a confession to make.

I am so fucking tired.

My 7 year old, Blue, is having a two hour holiday party/craft thing at her school and I just couldn’t bear to go and tend to it. I’ve been in the classrooms multiple times in the last few weeks for a variety of things and I held Red’s birthday party last night (where four nine year olds trashed my house) and I just can’t bring myself to help out in her class.

Instead, I am sitting here writing my blog and drinking tea while J and our friend, Brian (amazing voice!) are rehearsing upstairs for some gigs. I am considering watching some TV on Hulu while scrounging up some chocolate.

I figure I will make up for it by letting her eat candy when she gets home, before she has fruit and let her watch tv.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I wouldn’t beat myself up about it. You can only do so many things. Sometimes you need to NOT attend something, so you can relax and be a better parent when they get home.


  2. I still have some stuff from my last massage that I use on my hands and feet and it’s surprisingly similar in texture. It’s weird, but it keeps my hands from cracking.


  3. My wife bought some sort of hair product once that she couldn’t bring herself to use because it reminded her of sperm when she squeezed it out.

    And don’t worry about missing one event at class, there are always plenty more!


  4. All those “serums” are like that (but smell better). I have a hard time using that stuff, so it languishes in my medicine cabinet.

    I’m tired too. Between caring for my parents, dealing with a good friend’s bereavement, working ahead at work and trying to pull Christmas together at the last minute – I’m exhausted. My husband had to work on Christmas day starting at noon, so when everyone left after brunch, the boy went upstairs to play and I crashed all afternoon on the couch.

    Actually, it was a nice way to spend the day. No wonder men do it all the time!


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