Walking Through the Mall

Last week, before Christmas, I took the girls to the mall.

It is one of my least favorite places and one of their most favorite. So you might say, I compromised.

Red had the camera and took this video, with a little humming in the background and skip to her step. And I was unknowing of her actions and gosh, had I been prepared, I would have worn a belt that day…or at least pulled up my pants.

J Skyped a few minutes ago from his hotel down in the islands. He was flown there this morning, put up in a fancy place with a HOT TUB ON THE DECK OVERLOOKING THE WATER and will hang out until Thursday, when he will take a puddle jumper to a YACHT and play piano, piano bar style, for a private party.

He’ll be home on Friday night.

So, as I sit here in the “feels like -1” degrees and my house shaking from high winds, winds that are tearing off roofs and shingles and blowing down trees all around us in town, I’m thinking how great it is for him and how badly it sucks to be living in winter already. My hands are chapped. My skin is pasty. I have a little muffin top going down when I wear my jeans. And I can’t go outside without wearing ten frumpy layers, some requiring to be itchy wool, and big non-sexy winter boots.

Oh, counting the months til summer.


7 responses to this post.

  1. I feel your pain. I just paid the snow plow truck another 20 bucks today. I would rather buy gas for the lawn tractor! I am growing my muffin top to stay warm. I haven’t left my house since last Wednesday. I am loving it. Unfortunately I have been living on stale Christmas cookies, frozen pizza and coke.


  2. I did NOT post this at 4::58 am.


  3. I’m not a winter person either. Here’s hoping that spring arrives soon!!!


  4. my kids are too young to know ‘the glories of the mall’ yet. hallelujah. plus, they are boys, so i think they’ll stick to the arcades.
    my god, are there arcades anymore.
    holy cripe. there aren’t, are there…. damn. time warp spin…


  5. The jeans look great…

    Video fun. Its fun being silly with a video camera!


  6. I just had my first Winter sads day…And it’s still December. It could be a looooong season.


  7. I am SO over winter!


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