Exhusband’s girlfriend

So, a funny story.

Exhusband has a new girlfriend. He has dated some, and had one girlfriend that the girls knew a few years ago, but she was out of state and that was hard for him to maintain.  I really like that he has someone, he is nicer, he seems happier, the girls seem to like that he has someone in his life.

They knew his other girlfriend, a few years ago, her name was Alison.

This new girlfriend, he has been seeing for a while and finally introduced the girls.

The new girlfriend’s name is Alison.

So, Red calls me last night and goes, “Mom, do you know Alison’s last name?”

And then she told me. And she goes, “I showed her your picture and she says she knows you.”


So, turns out, I went to college with her.

I didn’t know her very well, but my college was very small, so small, you at least know people by name and face.

At any rate, I am grateful that I know how sweet she was back then and likely, how sweet she is now and that she is good to my kids.

I can’t help but giggle, she was slightly dorky in the 90’s, sort of “behind the times” not that I was “all that”, but she used an awful lot of Aquanet back in 1995 turtlenecks in the summer and acid washed jeans and (yes I looked her up in the yearbook) there’s a picture of her dressed in slight Madonna garb, ten years past the Madonna era.

9 responses to this post.

  1. Heh.

    I’m seriously hoping that *my* ex finds someone. Something tells me that he’ll be a lot happier and friendlier when he does…


  2. Yeah, I’ve noticed that my ex is much more present with my daughters when he is dating someone. He deserves someone nice. How funny you know each other. Small world!


  3. That’s exactly what you want in your ex’s girlfriend… sweet, harmless, not likely to introduce the girls to anything they don’t already know about.

    I get a kick out of my ex’s girlfriend. Evidently she’s a jealous woman, and he might even agree that he sort of deserves the hassles that causes him.


  4. Love it!


  5. This is why I try not to piss off anyone!

    Good you know her actually. Takes the guess work out of it all.


  6. My ex is a lot less intrusive with my life when he is involved with someone. He isn’t at the moment and I don’t care for it!

    It is funny that you know this woman! And it sounds like she will be a good influence on your ex and will be a non-threatening influence for your girls.


  7. That all sounds good. This year is starting out pretty well for you.I totally would have looked her up too.


  8. Woah. That’s crazy! So glad she seems like a nice gal. Will definitely help in the future, right?

    Aquanet, in the 90’s???? hehehehe.


  9. Posted by maunderer on January 8, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    Funny stuff. Does it ever get not-awkward dealing with the ex?


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