The phone conversation with my car fixer man:

Him: So, the muffler part is going to take a few days to get the part in. It’s gonna cost you about $600.

Me: okaaay.

Him: Your battery died because of (something I can’t remember or reiterate, but it has to do with the place the battery goes) and that’s gonna cost you $(I can’t remember, I am still reeling from the $600)

I’m silent.

Him: Your battery died because your parking lights won’t turn off and we think it might be because of something wrong with your remote starter. You’ll have to take it to the dealership or the guy who installed it.

Me: What?

Him: I took the fuse out and will show you how to put it in and out under the hood until you can get someone to fix it.

Me: What?

Him: So, the total, with new windshield wipers, your oil change and inspection sticker will be $821.58.

Me: Awesome.

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  1. Nice of him to just pull the fuse so you can at least drive the car and not discharge the battery. A lot of mechanics would have charged you for some sort of bogus diagnostic and fix!


  2. When it rains it pours. Ugh.


  3. Posted by thisnewplace on January 11, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    yeah, and I had to call a plumber too…he’ll be here at 2:30. Fun fun.


  4. Ugh. Just – ugh. Too much at once.


  5. Eek! that sucks. I hate having to spend money on such unfun things.


  6. Wow – already put ~$5,000 into the car before this. Now it is up to close to $6,000 and you are still driving an old vehicle that needs to be taken into the dealership for a remote starter problem….
    Maybe it is time to start shopping for a cheaper (newer) automobile.


  7. Posted by intrepideddie on January 12, 2010 at 2:20 am

    $600? For a muffler? Damn. I am in the wrong f*cking business…


  8. that just sucks!
    I say good bye. get a new one and feel comforted in knowing you won’t have another break down.


  9. Yep. I hear that. Just spent $700 on my car. After spending $300 on it a month ago. And it’s only worth $500. *cough, cough*


  10. Ouch.

    Y’know, when it’s freezing cold outside (or pouring rain) and I’m waiting for the bus, I silently curse my car-free lifestyle.

    Then, when I hear stories like this, I’m SO GLAD that I don’t have a car.

    I’m sure my butt is, too.



  11. crap. go shopping . used cars are wondeful. wonderful.


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