McGuyver fixed my frother

I’ve mentioned before, J is a bit like McGuyver.

He has fixed things with duct tape, with sheets, with wire, with shim.

We have this frother we use to froth hot milk in a pan every morning for our coffee. It makes for a great latte and he tends to make it for me, because, well, I think he likes it. It’s like magic in a way. And we are reminded how cheap it is compared to a latte down the road at the coffee shop for $4.50.

Anyway, I have been through three frothers in the last year and a half. They tend to drop and break, stop working, or pretty much fall apart in our hands sometimes. I have tried cheap brands, expensive brands, but frankly, the hand held frother is just plain fragile.

Anyway, last week, J dropped it and it fell completely apart. COMPLETELY.

After a few days of using just hot milk in our coffee, he sat down to try and repair it, because I wasn’t about to drive down to the mall (half an hour away) to find a frother at Target. Because when I am in Target for just one thing, I end up with 20 things I didn’t really need right now, and alot lighter in the pocketbook.

That’s not to say, I didn’t go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy a wine aerator the following week.

Anyway, I was thinking how J seems to find solutions for alot of things that make me feel helpless, even making decisions sometimes. I am pretty good at making decisions, but he is really good and finding a solution for things I am stumped on or just don’t take the time to resolve and I sort of put up with annoyances.

Our TV is not the newest kind. It isn’t flat screened, it sits in a cabinet that I love and the speakers are kind of on the side. For some reason, when we watch a DVD, we turn it way up and I still can’t understand what people are saying. I can hear it, the clarity just sucks. The background noise is louder than the voices. My struggle is due to my hearing loss and often, at 9 o’clock at night, I just don’t want to wear my hearing aids to watch a movie in my pajamas.

So, since last summer, J started putting on the subtitles for me. And I will tell you, I catch things even I wouldn’t catch if I could hear it clearly.

J even started to like it.

And I think back to my frustration FOR YEARS before J came along, with this TV and how I had a hard time hearing the dvds.

In my previous post, I mentioned Chuckee Cheese and how I admitted to my daughter that it wasn’t as bad as I remembered.

Well, I am retracting that statement.

I took the kids back there last night for Blue’s postponed reward for her incentive chart. J and I had the salad bar and we got the girls a pizza. And we ordered some wings.

BIG mistake.

I woke up last night feeling disgusting.

And it doesn’t help that one of the platters originally arrived with a huge long black hair draped over it and the celery on the wings plate had an, um, short hair on it, which I didn’t see until AFTER we finished.


This was not something McGuyver could fix.

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  1. I have a tv like that with side speakers built in. I can’t hear it very well, even turned all the way up. Hubby bought a little pair of speakers that plug into the tv and aim them toward you. They work great. They only cost about $10 at Wal-Mart.


  2. J’s awesome. I wish I could find a great guy who is handy around the house. Let me tell, you that kind of guy is really hard to find.


  3. I’m McGuyver at my house… Which suits my husband just fine. I keep the captions on on my TV upstairs so that I can a) understand what’s going on and b) not bother anyone else who might be on the computer or trying to sleep.

    So what’s a frother? is it a special whisk?


  4. Guess you’ll keep him around, ‘eh?

    I tinker myself. That is i will fix stuff too. Because I can. It may take longer, or sit a bit because I travel so much, (in PR now) But I ‘ll fix it if i can. SOMETIMES make it better!

    Chuckie Cheese….ih.

    Impedance mismatch on the DVD player.


  5. Every gal needs a J in her life, I think! 🙂


  6. found out Mr. Horsey guy is no McGyver or anything else. next!
    lucky you!!!


  7. Ugh on the Chuck E Cheese thing. Ugh.

    I love a man with talent. Sounds like J is “multi-talented”!



  8. It is very nice having someone handy around…not that I’d know personally. DR has many fine traits, but handiness isn’t one of them 🙂
    I liked what you are saying about it being both great and sort of frustrating to have a long time problem solved so simply….it is like – why the heck didn’t I think of that!


  9. I seriously just threw up in my mouth. Chuck E Cheese is disgusting but everyone must experience it in their lifetime. It’s what makes us Americans. eeeeewwww!


  10. I remember the old Chuck-E-Cheese restaurants that were filled with giant clanking robots. Anyone else remember these?


  11. Hi. Thanks for the comments. How did you find my blog?


  12. Hey thanks for visiting and even more importantly, thanks fo rthe laugh reading this post. whew. needed that. ‘short hair’ ha. My M is McGuyver – everyone told that to him and he never knew who he was, so I got him dvd’s of the show.


  13. i love mcguyver. LOVE. and i love captions, they gave me back the ability to watch tv and movies. which- frankly, might not be as much of a gift as it could be… captions for reality tv are a must-read in and of themselves…


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