A list of six random things to do

1) Start thinking “piano bar”. We have an agreement on a “new” location but it is contingent on a new lease since the current one doesn’t work for us (crappy 23 page lease!). It’s a location we looked at in September and have come back to since we walked away from the other deal. If all goes well, we’ll be open in May and you’re all invited. If not, meet us on the beach.

2) Love. My. New. Car.  Don’t throw trash on floor. Clean out coffee cups daily. (and I still haven’t gotten it yet) I went to the dealership to finish my paperwork and give them what I cleaned out of my savings account as the down payment. I feel poor and rich all at the same time.

3) Drive north to see J play tonight and for the weekend. Enjoy last trip in 2001 Subaru. Thank it for being somewhat good to me all these years.

3) Wash windows. In the winter it is hard. When I see the dirt and fingerprints, the sun is shining directly on them (which is a bad time to clean them because it makes them streak). And then, when the sun goes away, I don’t see the grime and totally forget.

4) Write out a well worth it check to tutor. Red went yesterday for her first math tutoring session. She got back in the car afterwards with a huge smile on her face and goes, “I LOVED IT!!!!!” I consider that a success.

5) It’s braces time. Call orthodontist for consultation for 9 year old. Ugh.

6) Kids are growing up. Don’t miss it. Let them eat candy more on Fridays.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Love the new car, and like the “to do” list. I’m mounting a pretty big one my own self….maybe writing it down would help – ha!


  2. That is great that the math tutor is helping. My husband has to help my son, I just can’t do the math, wait till the 6th grade. I have to help with all the other subjects. Tomorrow I have to help my son built a diaramma (not sure I spelled that right) on mummies, so I have to make a tomb and a mummy, fun fun for me.


  3. I love #6!


  4. My daughter needs braces, but I just can’t afford them right now.


  5. All good my friend!

    I WILL come when you open!

    Isn’t it sad to say goodbye to an old car.

    Kids… gotta love ’em!


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