Last night I was reminded that that I’m not as young as I used to be,  after  we “got busy” on the floor in front of the fire place.

How romantic, huh?

Well, my bones and elbows and knees and back, (and everything) are killing me.

Was it worth it? Yes.

I woke up this morning, I felt a scrape on my back, remembering a rug burn I got once when I was in college, from making out heavily (very heavily) on the carpeted floor of my boyfriend’s mom’s mini van.

Seriously. I am almost embarrassed to write that.

I got in a hilarious battle with someone the other day, we’d been talking about the year we were born and my friend made reference to my age….36.

And I go, “I’m 37, actually.”

My friend goes, “You’re 36. You were born in April of 1973.”

“I’m 37.”

I was adamant, only because last month, I actually forgot my age and then did the calculation in my head.

Turns out, someone needs a calculator. That someone is me.

So, the bad news is, I am not as limber and immune to the pains of sex on the floor.

The good news is, I am one year younger than I thought I was.

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  1. Posted by Intrepid Eddie on February 8, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    I do that same thing when trying to remember my age, though it’s usually the other way around. Good to know I’m not the only one with age-related memory (math?) problems. But hey, bonus points for sex rug burns! Should always stick with carpeted floors when doing the deed — rug burns are better than than friction blisters from bare skin on bare linoleum (plus, it’s kinda cold).


  2. That’s too funny,


  3. I totally know what you’re talking about – after a weekend full of ‘getting busy’ with CBG, I can definitely feel my age.



  4. Nice to be younger than you think you are.


  5. “Woo Hoo! “to sex anywhere other than the bedroom (even if it makes you sore). Sex outside of the bedroom is hard to pull that off when you live with children. And congratulations to being able to live another year longer – ha!


  6. i’m proud to say, the idea of ‘doing it’ in a car no longer thrills me… a sign of age or a demand for luxury? hmmm.


  7. That’s why I keep a blanket on the couch handy (to lay down on the carpet). Well, one reason I did in the PAST…*sigh*…

    Nice mistake to make on the math, however!


  8. ah…. as long as you can still enjoy roasting nuts by the fire, what does it matter how old you are!



  9. Funny… Imagine what it’s like at 43!


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