Last night J and I walked down the road to the shore to attend a candlelight vigil for a teenage boy from our neighborhood and community who was found washed up on shore. His mother is someone we know who lives close by.

It was so sad, but touching, hundreds showed up, mostly his friends from school, everyone spoke, sang, looked out to sea to say goodbye.

No one knows what happened yet.

All I feel is sadness for our friends and community.

And all I want to do it so pick up my kids from their trip with their dad and bring them home…and keep them home.

5 responses to this post.

  1. My goodness…I am so sorry to hear this.


  2. That’s so sorry. I don’t know how anyone deals with the loss of their child. I cam close twice, but got lucky and both my girls lived after the accident and their illness.


  3. Yeah, situations like this tend to have us all look for our kids and squeeze them tight. The world is weird sometimes and find comfort with those we love is important…


  4. I feel so sorry for the family.


  5. Oh man. Sorry to hear that. Especially when there’s no closure.

    Funny how we are given reminders.

    I’ll pray for him.


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