The Make Up Shirt

So, things aren’t always sweet as sugar, smelling like roses, tasting like chocolate.

J came home last Saturday night, on Valentine’s Eve, after his gig up north. He was home around midnight, the same time I walked in the door from being out and about with my friend, Alice, to have dinner and go see some live music in town.

He walked in, tired, weary, and we decided to open some beer.

So, we sat there having beer and talking about this and that until about two.

At that point, I was ready for a shower and bed and he goes, “Go ahead, I will meet you in there.” Eventually, he showed up, we showered together, bantered about the temperature (I like it hot, he likes it lukewarm), made out a little, and got out to get dry. He slapped my butt as I walked out of the bathroom in a towel and there in front of me sat a huge bouquet of flowers, and a gorgeous box of chocolates.  Oh yeeeees, did I expect that? Nope. I expected we’d likely go out to lunch or dinner for Valentine’s Day, I didn’t expect to start it at 2am in the morning.

I kissed him and gave him my card along with a bunch of writing I have done over the last two years, about me and him, about us.

On our way up the stairs, he goes, “So, since it’s Valentine’s Day, we might as well get naked.”

The next morning, we woke up late and he rolled over and said, “So, since it’s Valentine’s Day, we might as well go out to brunch.”

And then, because it was Valentine’s Day, we might as well have ordered Bloody Mary’s at the bar after breakfast and rented movies for bed in the afternoon.

And “Well, since it’s Valentine’s Day, we might as well do IT again.”

At any rate, the day was perfect. It was relaxing and filled with rest, food, drinks, chocolate and nakedness.

Could it get any better?

Flash foward to yesterday, nearly a week later. We’ve been up north together with his mom and family, he was up late gigging, we’re a little stressed about the upcoming hopeful probable restaurant deal and everything that needs doing. We’ll know more next week if we can work out some details so the deal can continue to progress.

We got in this little argument, one where he raised his voice and got upset and I was left sitting there next to him in silence, thinking “what? what just happened?” In actuality, I don’t remember what happened, but I was asking questions and he didn’t want to explain something, merely for the sake of saving the energy he didn’t feel he had to go into detail on something I didn’t understand. It was minor, yet uncalled for and upsetting, because this simply does not happen with us.

And I totally cried. It sucked, and looking at him, I saw some of that in his eyes too. That sucked too.

At any rate, it was resolved, we talked over some Rooibos Tea, and connected again. We made up quickly, and we made up with an understanding of how each other was feeling as well as ideas of how to NOT have that happen again.

A few hours later, we’d had a business meeting near a clothing shop and afterwards, he said “you want to go in that shop?” because I had been eyeing some clothes, on sale, in the boutique window.

We went in and I immediately found something I liked.  He was standing next to the saleslady and he goes (in front of all the people in the store) “If you want that, I will buy it for you, to make up for what I did this morning.”

Laughter filtered through the store and I grinned. “Oh really?”

The saleslady says, through laughing tears, “I won’t even ask!”

When we stood at the cash register, she looked at me and goes, “what he did, must have been pretty bad.”

So, today, I wore my new favorite shirt, it will always be my “make up shirt.”

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by intrepideddie on February 21, 2010 at 11:52 am

    That is awesome. Takes a big man to apologize. A bigger one to do it in public. The shirt… now that’s just sheer, unabashed ass-kissing.

    I approve.


  2. Every couple has their not-so-glamorous moments. I guess the key is to stay aware, learn from it, and try to do better next time.

    And, you know, it doesn’t hurt when he admits being an ass and makes it up to you. That’s my favourite part of the process. 😉


  3. I am duly impressed! J is great!


  4. What a great guy. You’re never going to find someone who won’t hurt your feelings from time to time. You’re just lucky you found someone who will acknowledge it and try to make it better.


  5. aw…
    I must say though, sometimes the discussion about what goes wrong can take so much damn time!


  6. Well how about that! Well you sure had a better Valentines day than I did. How nice.

    Eh.. stuff happens. Its nice he acknowledges when he hits bumps.


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