sick in the house

(scarf making on a sick day)

Have you ever experienced that moment, RIGHT after one of your kids throw up, and you think, “HOLY SHIT I KISSED HER ON THE LIPS JUST FIFTEEN MINUTES AGO!!!”

Happens to me all the time.

So, after the hurricane, the next night, Blue got sick and lost her dinner in the middle of the night, in her bed…um, in her hair…everywhere…

Nothing wrong with a bed change, pillow change or a bath at midnight, right? Nope.

Doing it again at 3 am, that’s pushing it.

She woke up Saturday morning feeling decent, Red had a little cold, so we stayed in and literally watched TV all day, made scarves and did Pixos and ate toast and omelets and cuddled. It was a peaceful day with no more puking and everyone getting better as opposed to getting worse. And so far, the rest of us have refrained from getting the stomach bug.

I set my alarm for the wrong time this morning, so I jumped out of bed fifteen minutes late to get on the road to Boston to pick up the girls from their overnight with their dad and bring them back to school. I literally threw on my clothes and ran out the door.

It’s a non-bra day.

It’s a non-everything day, in fact.

The drive sucked. Traffic, slush, ice, rain, accidents, but somehow I got the girls to school right as the bell rang.  Secretly, I wished it was another holiday or snow day and we could all stay home together.

J and I are sitting in our pajamas drinking coffee, doing more restaurant planning work. Oh my, how frickin’ slow this shit is. Meetings, phone calls, making notes, keeping things on the calendar of when they need to be done (liquor license meetings, etc).

We’ll have a better idea this week how things are panning out. Keep your fingers crossed, I know we are.

We were out last night listening to some live music, actually, we were having dinner and drinks at the place that we are working on buying.

I was ordering my wine with my dinner and J started to laugh.

“What?” I said.

“Um, if we’re going to be owning and running a restaurant and bar, you really need to learn how to pronounce ‘Pinot Noir’.”

6 responses to this post.

  1. Glad to hear the puking was limited.

    Fingers crossed for you guys for the restaurant!


  2. Posted by intrepideddie on March 1, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    What, did you order a glass of the “Peanut Nor”? 😉

    Just do what I do when I’m in any restaurant that doesn’t have meatloaf on the menu: hold up the menu to the waiter and point at what you want.

    Yes, I am THAT classy.


  3. I miss those days when the girls were younger and not feeling the best and we could all just hang out and be mellow together…I hope everyone is better soon.


  4. Fingers crossed. Sounds like buying a restaurant is like buying a house – only WORSE.
    So….how was it you pronounced it?


  5. Middle of the night puke fests are the worst!

    Glad everyone is doing better!


  6. Parenthood has its perks!

    That stuff takes its time. Hang in there! Looking forward to being a customer!

    Happy non – day!


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