I am back for a visit, the last month has been insanely busy, with signing leases, finding vendors (I believe our bread vendor is going to be right across the street from our restaurant), hiring the guy to make our sign, licenses, permits, hiring….hiring…we found our bar manager…ah we are are excited. He triples as a piano player/bartender/manager. Initially we were referred to him by three unconnected friends, for a few nights of dinner music piano playing (because J can’t do it all, and J is the piano bar player later in the evening)….so, we were talking to him about piano playing and then come to find out later that he is a bartender…so J called him back to ask him and when the guy picked up the phone, he happened to be online, on Craigslist, responding to our ad for “Bar Manager”, not knowing it was us!

We think it was meant to be.

We are very excited.

We should be in the space by May 3rd, if all goes well, to do our work and wait for the liquor license.

I promise I will post sometime again before too long.

Again, if you want to connect on facebook, I will be posting the link to our website in a few weeks and you can stay updated there. (and we will have a facebook page)

email me at if you want to connect over there.

7 responses to this post.

  1. This sounds like great news, good for you guys!


  2. It’s meant to be if you guys are crossing paths like that! I hope the rest goes as smoothly!


  3. Good luck with this venture. I can’t wait to come by for a drink next time I am in New England.


  4. Posted by Peter Varvel on April 21, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Mmm, freshly baked bread . . . from right across the street!


  5. That’s so exciting!


  6. I am so sorry, with all the fricken drama in my life right now, I have been behind. But what great news to run into!!! You go girl!


  7. Missing reading you. Hope all is well.


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