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we’re pseudo “in”

So, we got a fun (not so much fun, I am being facistious) delay with our city liquor board. They enjoy playing God once a month, when they actually decide to HAVE a meeting…delays at the expense of people trying to do business.

At any rate, we are IN THE SPACE!!! sort of.

We are sharing the space with the seller, since he closed up but is cleaning out his personal stuff. We won’t “close” on the business deal until the liquor license comes through, but we can be in the space that we are leasing and start our work in the kitchen and bar.

We’re running new lines from the fridges we are buying for kegs, from the kitchen to the bar. We won’t have to carry kegs from the storage to the bar. Woot!

New ventilation for the kitchen.

Um, (ugh) redoing bathrooms and adding a handicap bathroom.

refinishing floors

moving grand piano

Still hiring.

We have an amazing bar manager. He’s already working for us and always ten steps ahead.

Our head cook is training up north at J’s sister’s restaurant (we are opening a second location). The feedback from their chefs are that he’s amazing and talented and they can see why we hired him.

We’ve got three waitresses on deck and two kitchen guys aside from our head cook.

Still need more, but we still have a few months before we open. Or 6 weeks.

Staaay tuned.

So sorry for the lapses in time here.