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In the fourth week

We’ve been open four weeks and I can say I am exhausted.

Our place is slammin’.

As in, SLAMMIN’.

I love our staff and our customers.

The piano bar is so great. We have people calling for reservations to reserve tables for dinner, to stay through piano bar. Which means, these people are eating and drinking all night long.

We’re adding a few tables to get more seated.

We’re booking acoustic bands for Sundays through Wednesdays.

Everyone is ordering my triple chocolate bread pudding and ricotta orange pound cake.

I love the early mornings that I get into the restaurant to bake the desserts.

I love the ten o’clock hour when I get up and sing and have a small glass of wine (or a shot of whiskey)

I am writing every day about this adventure and hope to do something with it when I have time to get it organized.


I guess the only bad thing is the lack of sleep.\

And some stress. But lack of sleep really bites.


Piano Bar

We’ve been open a week and have had repeat customers already. When I mean repeat, I mean, a good handful of folks who have come back more than twice, bringing people with them, and then those people have come back.

Juggling things has been interesting and without my mom to help babysit, I would not be able to do this. The girls are with their dad this week so I am working around the clock, AND managing to clean up my house, which has been in this state of array for, oh, say, three months.

Anyway, I will just end with this.

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