a blur

…it’s such a blur but things are more sane now, in our fourth month of being restaurant and piano bar owners.

We are sort of on a schedule. We both sleep alot more than we were. J built a walk in cooler (BY HIMSELF) to house our kegs and beer….ah yeah….my man can do anything and watching him do the things he does around the restaurant and then his sexy thing on the piano, well, I love him even more….not to say we have our moments where we are about to strangle each other…but then in the next moment, we kiss and make up…and of course, it is usually his fault….ahahaha…anyway…

I spend most of my time doing paperwork, payroll, accounting and managing the bar, when I am not being a mom…I spend plenty of time in the restaurant kitchen baking the desserts…I bake them all except the cannoli shells (I make the filling) and the tiramasu….but I plan to learn to make that soon…

Did I mention we have a ghost?

The building we are in is WICKED old. Old in a way where our walls are stone and brick and there is at least one ghost…a friend of ours who also works for us has also said he has seen and felt things…and he’s more grown up than I am…so it must be true…

…we are capitalizing on that for our Halloween bash in a few weeks…

I have heard from some different old blogger folks that may be in the area, and want to some say hello…please do and please email me and let me know. Would love to tell you where we are and meet you and have you check the place out….


5 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like life is crazy busy…and wonderful! Good for you!!


  2. Maybe your ghost could pitch in every now and then and help out?


  3. The place looks fantastic in the photos. I wish I lived closer because I would definitely stop by and say hi. A ghost too – way cool!


  4. I have been away and out of pocket my own self – no posts for me in quite a while; I’m trying to get one written down now. The place looks fantastic and I am so glad it’s being so well received! If I ever go north, I’m definitely stopping by.

    If you get a chance – please tell us more about the ghost – I love those kinds of stories.


  5. Are you looking for piano players? Not sure where you’re located but you never know…


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