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Purchase and sale signed.


Lease agreed upon.


Attorney hired to help with liquor license.


Domain name reserved.


This is really happening, folks.

Unless something screws up royally with the liquor license in the next few months, this thing is happening.

Next week they are announcing it to their staff and want us to be there. We’ll interview current employees and see if we want to keep anyone.

Then we get to start telling people.


We’re changing the menu, the decor a little bit, the name.

Hopefully the town will accept us.

Sooooo much work to be done.


I don’t even know where to begin

Sometimes big things happen, sometimes small, I just want to be sure I don’t miss anything.

Lately, I’ve been sitting here at home with the kids, looking at them, thinking, “How on earth did they get so grown up?”

I mean, it’s to a point where I feel like I can’t remember being home with them 24-7 when they were babies, I barely remember what it was like to have their little bodies snuggled up to mine when they nursed. I mean, I don’t remember alot, I remember it was good, but there are so many details that feel so far away. Some of them, almost ten years way back.

So, Red, who is 9, needed something like a trainer bra.

Yes, that’s what I said, and I can’t believe it.

Maybe not even so much a trainer bra, as a tank top underneath her tshirts. Something with a built in, extra layer. I am glad she surprised me by being excited about it and not embarrassed by the thought of something like that.

We went to Target and along with buying some new clothes for the girls for Spring, I told her we would get her some tank tops/bralettes for little girls.

Well, she led me to the rack with big padded bras and pointed “I want those”.

Holy Mother of GOD.

I stifled an amused giggle, and told her that in a few years, yes. But for now, we got cotton, UNPADDED (but cute, they make these things cute now) bralettes.

She is terribly cute, putting them on every day.

On a larger level, I just got home from signing a very large check as well as a purchase and sale for our business.

There is so much more to do and still a big negotiating thing to work out on the lease of the space, that could be a deal breaker, but we really hope not. We hope this works out, but if it doesn’t, we know another place will come to light, and all that we are doing is educating ourselves to be ready for the next thing.

But still.

I signed on the line. And I handed over some big money.


Well, shit

Yeah, so this will be a post about the hurricane we just had here in the North East.

J left town yesterday afternoon for a few days to play up north, and naturally, as it seems to happen when he is gone, we got a whopping storm.

When I say “storm” I mean, STORM.

You may have seen it on the news and some of you wrote me on facebook to check in because you saw my town on the news.

Around 9 last night, the rain started pounding, the wind started howling and whipping around like three hundred madmen. My condo is on the second and first floor, facing the ocean. Shingles ripped off, about 50 or so, if not more, as did gutters. The windows shook and whistled. The power flickered constantly. The cable went out. My bed shook all night and I cranked the heat up when I went to bed in case the power went out, it would be somewhat warm.

I slept with a flashlight, my cell phone fully charged, and tons of bottled water at hand.

But we got the least of it. Our neighbors had windows blown out. Another had a huge old tree come down. 8000 people are still without power. My friend had a branch crash through her car window. There is flooding and roofs completely ripped off. Cars were completely smashed by huge trees. Sheds overturned. Houses in the water. Flagpoles snapped in half. Signs blown away. Hotel roofs are gone, the aerial views show wide open hotel rooms, open to the sky.

I couldn’t reach my mom, who lives on the other side of the island, so when they called school off this morning, we hopped in the car and made our way to her house. She was there by her wood burning stove, no power or phone, but happy as a clam. She worried most about the groceries she had just bought the day before, and had run out in the early morning to buy some ice.

Unfortunately/fortunately, her icecream was melting still so the girls and I sat there with spoons and ate as much as we could, at 9:00 in the morning.

Yes, we did!

At any rate, everything is fine in our house, aside from part of the roof missing (no gaping holes thankfully). We have heat, power, running water and a stocked fridge.

And I was sitting here, thinking how, still, we live in the most beautiful place.


Last night I was reminded that that I’m not as young as I used to be,  after  we “got busy” on the floor in front of the fire place.

How romantic, huh?

Well, my bones and elbows and knees and back, (and everything) are killing me.

Was it worth it? Yes.

I woke up this morning, I felt a scrape on my back, remembering a rug burn I got once when I was in college, from making out heavily (very heavily) on the carpeted floor of my boyfriend’s mom’s mini van.

Seriously. I am almost embarrassed to write that.

I got in a hilarious battle with someone the other day, we’d been talking about the year we were born and my friend made reference to my age….36.

And I go, “I’m 37, actually.”

My friend goes, “You’re 36. You were born in April of 1973.”

“I’m 37.”

I was adamant, only because last month, I actually forgot my age and then did the calculation in my head.

Turns out, someone needs a calculator. That someone is me.

So, the bad news is, I am not as limber and immune to the pains of sex on the floor.

The good news is, I am one year younger than I thought I was.

A list of six random things to do

1) Start thinking “piano bar”. We have an agreement on a “new” location but it is contingent on a new lease since the current one doesn’t work for us (crappy 23 page lease!). It’s a location we looked at in September and have come back to since we walked away from the other deal. If all goes well, we’ll be open in May and you’re all invited. If not, meet us on the beach.

2) Love. My. New. Car.  Don’t throw trash on floor. Clean out coffee cups daily. (and I still haven’t gotten it yet) I went to the dealership to finish my paperwork and give them what I cleaned out of my savings account as the down payment. I feel poor and rich all at the same time.

3) Drive north to see J play tonight and for the weekend. Enjoy last trip in 2001 Subaru. Thank it for being somewhat good to me all these years.

3) Wash windows. In the winter it is hard. When I see the dirt and fingerprints, the sun is shining directly on them (which is a bad time to clean them because it makes them streak). And then, when the sun goes away, I don’t see the grime and totally forget.

4) Write out a well worth it check to tutor. Red went yesterday for her first math tutoring session. She got back in the car afterwards with a huge smile on her face and goes, “I LOVED IT!!!!!” I consider that a success.

5) It’s braces time. Call orthodontist for consultation for 9 year old. Ugh.

6) Kids are growing up. Don’t miss it. Let them eat candy more on Fridays.


The phone conversation with my car fixer man:

Him: So, the muffler part is going to take a few days to get the part in. It’s gonna cost you about $600.

Me: okaaay.

Him: Your battery died because of (something I can’t remember or reiterate, but it has to do with the place the battery goes) and that’s gonna cost you $(I can’t remember, I am still reeling from the $600)

I’m silent.

Him: Your battery died because your parking lights won’t turn off and we think it might be because of something wrong with your remote starter. You’ll have to take it to the dealership or the guy who installed it.

Me: What?

Him: I took the fuse out and will show you how to put it in and out under the hood until you can get someone to fix it.

Me: What?

Him: So, the total, with new windshield wipers, your oil change and inspection sticker will be $821.58.

Me: Awesome.

Stranded and I can’t lay off the chocolate frosting

This is how I feel.

I stood there over J, who was flat on his back on the ground under my car, in nice clothes, after  lunch out yesterday. And I am thinking, “this man loves me.”

I had started the car up and the engine was loud, like my muffler had been chopped. You know, like when the kids back in the day wanted a loud car to be cool.

But this was not cool.

So, he’s lying under the car in the snow and salt and mud and I hear, “your pipe is cracked”.

It was ever so slight and he thought I might be okay driving the kids down to Boston to their dad’s later in the day.

So the girls and I set off at 4, he was already on the road in his car to go play a gig. And I heard a horrible high pitched dragging sound that was actually slightly confused by the girls’ new Nintendos that they were playing in the back seat. I pulled over and sure enough, the pipe had broken and was dragging. And then I lost complete power in my car, no power steering, no lights, no heat.

At any rate, I love my car, it was my first car ever, 9 years old (yeah, my first car was when I was 28 years old, imagine that) 2001 Subaru Outback Wagon. I love it.

It’s as old as Red.

There is a possibility I will decide to buy a new car. I’ve put 5k into this one in the last two years, so it may be time to bid this one goodbye and spend some money and gain some piece of mind. The last thing I want is another breakdown in the dead of winter, farther away from home, perhaps, with my kids in the car, with no heat, or cell reception, or whatever….

Anyway, soon after, my mom came to rescue the girls and take them back to my house to get them some food. I waited in a very cold car, because I also lost complete power, for an hour, waiting for the tow truck. After he came and towed my car to the car place, I walked home in the freezing cold. (just a quarter of a mile or so). I barely felt it, I was upset, mad and annoyed.

My mom was a saint and we drove the kids the hour south to their dad’s and back again, in snow and sleet and ice.

When she dropped me off at home, I took a shower and went to bed.

I’m thinking “bad reality tv” and nachos today.

Actually, no.

I am working on a new painting, because I haven’t painted since November.

I’m doing my end of the year financials for my tax guy.

I will do the laundry.

And maybe then, will lounge under ten layers of comforters in bed, eating leftover cake frosting with a spoon and watching bad reality tv on Hulu while I wait for J to come home.