we’re pseudo “in”

So, we got a fun (not so much fun, I am being facistious) delay with our city liquor board. They enjoy playing God once a month, when they actually decide to HAVE a meeting…delays at the expense of people trying to do business.

At any rate, we are IN THE SPACE!!! sort of.

We are sharing the space with the seller, since he closed up but is cleaning out his personal stuff. We won’t “close” on the business deal until the liquor license comes through, but we can be in the space that we are leasing and start our work in the kitchen and bar.

We’re running new lines from the fridges we are buying for kegs, from the kitchen to the bar. We won’t have to carry kegs from the storage to the bar. Woot!

New ventilation for the kitchen.

Um, (ugh) redoing bathrooms and adding a handicap bathroom.

refinishing floors

moving grand piano

Still hiring.

We have an amazing bar manager. He’s already working for us and always ten steps ahead.

Our head cook is training up north at J’s sister’s restaurant (we are opening a second location). The feedback from their chefs are that he’s amazing and talented and they can see why we hired him.

We’ve got three waitresses on deck and two kitchen guys aside from our head cook.

Still need more, but we still have a few months before we open. Or 6 weeks.

Staaay tuned.

So sorry for the lapses in time here.



I am back for a visit, the last month has been insanely busy, with signing leases, finding vendors (I believe our bread vendor is going to be right across the street from our restaurant), hiring the guy to make our sign, licenses, permits, hiring….hiring…we found our bar manager…ah we are are excited. He triples as a piano player/bartender/manager. Initially we were referred to him by three unconnected friends, for a few nights of dinner music piano playing (because J can’t do it all, and J is the piano bar player later in the evening)….so, we were talking to him about piano playing and then come to find out later that he is a bartender…so J called him back to ask him and when the guy picked up the phone, he happened to be online, on Craigslist, responding to our ad for “Bar Manager”, not knowing it was us!

We think it was meant to be.

We are very excited.

We should be in the space by May 3rd, if all goes well, to do our work and wait for the liquor license.

I promise I will post sometime again before too long.

Again, if you want to connect on facebook, I will be posting the link to our website in a few weeks and you can stay updated there. (and we will have a facebook page)

email me at thisnewplace@gmail.com if you want to connect over there.


so, I am waning here on the blog, with not much to write about other than the piano bar and I find myself not wanting to write daily accounts here on the blog about it.

I haven’t stopped writing, but am writing ¬†(it reads the way I write, here on my blog) on the computer for documentation, journaling, and maybe one day will turn it into something. Or not.

If you want to be on the list to get information on our place when it opens (like, the facebook fanpage, our website, etc) email me at thisnewplace@gmail.com and I will make sure you are on the mailing list.

Some of you I am already friends with on Facebook and we know each other’s names. If you want to introduce yourself via my email as well, and connect on facebook, I would be happy to do so.

The next few months are going to be crazy, as each day already seems to be.

But it is VERY exciting for us.

Keep your fingers crossed.

pajamas and wine

there is nothing like a rainy night and clean sheets to say “let’s open a bottle of wine”.

there is nothing like my man having not shaved his face in three days.

i love the scruff, even if he’s gone gray. I think it is sexy, rugged mountain man-type, or in our case, the sleepy frazzled musician type.

So, that scruffy man, I am dreaming about because he’s playing piano up north again and will be home tomorrow. So it is me, alone, with the kids.

After school we went to a bookstore and I let them pick out a few new books. Roald Dahl’s books. Paddington Bear chapter books. And “Where the Red Fern Grows.”

Then we went to dinner.

And then, gasp…the school play.

I admit, when my kids are in fifth grade and doing the school play, I will be excited and awake and might even change my clothes for it, but honestly, going to a school play where my kids are NOT in it, it pretty much pure torture.

The happiness of my own children beside me, enjoying seeing the older kids on stage, and looking around and seeing their friends, at night, in school, in the audience, is priceless.

My rule of not drinking alone has been broken. Just one glass, it’s the bottom of the bottle J and I drank from the other night.

Holymotherofgawd, I can hardly move. And my list of to do items is still sitting here. I have sooooo much to do. SO MUCH TO DO. (hear me?)

I’m in my new pajamas bottoms from Target.

I love them.


(no, that’s not me, my stomach is not that flat)


Purchase and sale signed.


Lease agreed upon.


Attorney hired to help with liquor license.


Domain name reserved.


This is really happening, folks.

Unless something screws up royally with the liquor license in the next few months, this thing is happening.

Next week they are announcing it to their staff and want us to be there. We’ll interview current employees and see if we want to keep anyone.

Then we get to start telling people.


We’re changing the menu, the decor a little bit, the name.

Hopefully the town will accept us.

Sooooo much work to be done.

I don’t even know where to begin

Sometimes big things happen, sometimes small, I just want to be sure I don’t miss anything.

Lately, I’ve been sitting here at home with the kids, looking at them, thinking, “How on earth did they get so grown up?”

I mean, it’s to a point where I feel like I can’t remember being home with them 24-7 when they were babies, I barely remember what it was like to have their little bodies snuggled up to mine when they nursed. I mean, I don’t remember alot, I remember it was good, but there are so many details that feel so far away. Some of them, almost ten years way back.

So, Red, who is 9, needed something like a trainer bra.

Yes, that’s what I said, and I can’t believe it.

Maybe not even so much a trainer bra, as a tank top underneath her tshirts. Something with a built in, extra layer. I am glad she surprised me by being excited about it and not embarrassed by the thought of something like that.

We went to Target and along with buying some new clothes for the girls for Spring, I told her we would get her some tank tops/bralettes for little girls.

Well, she led me to the rack with big padded bras and pointed “I want those”.

Holy Mother of GOD.

I stifled an amused giggle, and told her that in a few years, yes. But for now, we got cotton, UNPADDED (but cute, they make these things cute now) bralettes.

She is terribly cute, putting them on every day.

On a larger level, I just got home from signing a very large check as well as a purchase and sale for our business.

There is so much more to do and still a big negotiating thing to work out on the lease of the space, that could be a deal breaker, but we really hope not. We hope this works out, but if it doesn’t, we know another place will come to light, and all that we are doing is educating ourselves to be ready for the next thing.

But still.

I signed on the line. And I handed over some big money.


sick in the house

(scarf making on a sick day)

Have you ever experienced that moment, RIGHT after one of your kids throw up, and you think, “HOLY SHIT I KISSED HER ON THE LIPS JUST FIFTEEN MINUTES AGO!!!”

Happens to me all the time.

So, after the hurricane, the next night, Blue got sick and lost her dinner in the middle of the night, in her bed…um, in her hair…everywhere…

Nothing wrong with a bed change, pillow change or a bath at midnight, right? Nope.

Doing it again at 3 am, that’s pushing it.

She woke up Saturday morning feeling decent, Red had a little cold, so we stayed in and literally watched TV all day, made scarves and did Pixos and ate toast and omelets and cuddled. It was a peaceful day with no more puking and everyone getting better as opposed to getting worse. And so far, the rest of us have refrained from getting the stomach bug.

I set my alarm for the wrong time this morning, so I jumped out of bed fifteen minutes late to get on the road to Boston to pick up the girls from their overnight with their dad and bring them back to school. I literally threw on my clothes and ran out the door.

It’s a non-bra day.

It’s a non-everything day, in fact.

The drive sucked. Traffic, slush, ice, rain, accidents, but somehow I got the girls to school right as the bell rang.  Secretly, I wished it was another holiday or snow day and we could all stay home together.

J and I are sitting in our pajamas drinking coffee, doing more restaurant planning work. Oh my, how frickin’ slow this shit is. Meetings, phone calls, making notes, keeping things on the calendar of when they need to be done (liquor license meetings, etc).

We’ll have a better idea this week how things are panning out. Keep your fingers crossed, I know we are.

We were out last night listening to some live music, actually, we were having dinner and drinks at the place that we are working on buying.

I was ordering my wine with my dinner and J started to laugh.

“What?” I said.

“Um, if we’re going to be owning and running a restaurant and bar, you really need to learn how to pronounce ‘Pinot Noir’.”