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i eat a luna bar every morning on the run and coffee. cannolli’s for lunch after some calzones or an italian sandwich.

where our restaurant is, is on the Italian end of the street.

while we work in the space and get it ready to open, we still don’t have our own food yet, so we are eating lunch out often at our neighboring restaurants.

next week we are trying for a soft opening with a limited menu.

We got our liquor license from the state in 2 1/2 weeks, after the city delayed us for three months. That is a record, for the State and I have to say, someone was watching over us and some simple advice from a contact who is familiar with liquor licenses in our state, guided J to connect with someone who helped us get this done.

Having our liquor license is like a pass to move to “go”.

Sorry I ain’t bloggin’.

Again, we have a facebook page and a website and I have my own facebook page as well, all are updated with photos and info. If you would like to connect, send me an email