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drinking coffee

I’ve been slightly in limbo, because I am fairly far down the road from where I was five years ago and slightly ahead of where I was withMovin’ Down the Road.

I was “Painter Beach Girl” when I moved to the shore and getting divorced.

I was “Stepping Over the Junk” when I was in therapy and working through some interesting issues, some being relationships that taught me alot more about who I wanted to be and gave me the courage to be who I am (once I left them).

Movin’ Down the Road was a mere escape for the “in-between”. I will keep that linked here for history’s sake.

Not much is changing other than starting a new blog and continuing where I left off, so don’t fear. I’ve got my two girls, Red and Blue. Red will be in third grade in the Fall and Blue will be a firstgrader.

My guy, who has been “Piano Man”  I call “J”.

I never thought I would live with someone again. Heck, I never thought I would love someone again and be loved like this.

There are challenges.

I am overlooking that he leaves the toilet seat up.

The snoring reminds me he is here with me.

His ability to nap anywhere endears me.

His willingness to live in a small household of “women” still amazes me, along with his ability to sleep pretty much anywhere.

The “women” of the household are completely smitten with him. The two little ones are especially in love. When they are all around each other, I’m pretty much chopped liver. “Mommy? Who’s that? We have a mommy?” is what seems to be going through their heads.

I realize that I need to get my act together and do something big with my profession so that when they are off in college, I don’t feel useless, broke or lonely. 

Feel free to read back to Movin’ Down the Road for all the past stuff.

From here on out, there isn’t really much change other than I drink less coffee.

And then carry on with it here.


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  1. Just wanted to say I love this. You should put this on your front page some time for others to read (or did I miss that?). Well written. Happy for you that you are in your “new place”. 🙂


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