functions with lots of people

It’s was crazy. One of my Friday bartenders went with me to a fundraiser tonight…it was a tasting event, filled with 25 restaurants and liquor vendors, all with tables for folks to come and taste their food. Despite our 7 page menu, I merely took one dessert.  It’s the dessert at the top of our menu, the one that has the description that says only “speaks for itself”.

Yes, it was something chocolate.

At first, the two hundred and something people walked through the doors and walked right by us because they wanted to eat the other food before dessert, they kind of crinkled their nose at the thought of it at that moment….

…and then when it was dessert time, a few tried it….we sent about ten of them out into the room and suddenly there was a swarm….a huge swarm of them….and then, it was gone.

200 plus desserts gone, in a half hour.

I didn’t tell them that I spent four hours baking it all this morning. I didn;t even tell them that I was the one who made it. I doubt they cared, because all they cared about was how good it was.

That made me feel pretty damn good. Like I am doing something right.


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  1. That is so crazy and totally COOL!!!


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