where your feet hurt

running a restaurant and bar, is 24-7. add children to the mix (which are also 24-7) and you have a 48  hour day.

and no matter what, at the end of the day, my feet hurt like crazy

we are going into our 10th month and we are exceeding our summer sales in the dead of winter, which I find a blessing. the winter kills you here, but for us, it has given us confidence that we will survive them each year….we have this year.

i think what I know is that no matter what, and no matter what shoes I am wearing, my body will still hurt at the end of every day and my feet will kill.

I do paperwork and bills and liquor inventory and ordering on Mondays, Tuesdays we are closed and it’s our “day off” which really means, we work all day until the girls are out of school and then we stop working and try to spend the evening not talking about work….

On Wednesdays I do more paperwork and some marketing stuff, I bake all the desserts and make the salad dressings on Thursdays. Fridays I do everything I didn’t quite get done the whole week, including maybe, some laundry.

I rarely clean my house.

Sunday night is date night. J doesn’t play the piano aside from an hour at four for kids (kids piano bar!)…and then we sit and have some drinks (my kids are with their dad on Sundays) and some dinner and listen to the acoustic musicians we hire in on Sunday nights. Who are fabulous.

I love how my kids love being there. I am teaching my ten year old, Red, to make the Tiramisu. My 8 year old, Blue, likes to set up the front of the house, but only if I give her two dollars.

I still cherish the times when we are all home together with nowhere to be. And that time is rare, but the times we are out doing other things together, especially in our restaurant, are times we all love so much.

Loving our friends, those who grace the doorway regularly, those who are new and smile when they eat and hug us when they leave.

Best job ever.

Best thing I have ever done, with my man, with my children, ever.

despite being so tired and despite how much my feet hurt.



6 responses to this post.

  1. Your life is very full these days – that’s for sure! But I know you’re loving it with your man by your side and the girls being a part of it all. I’m amazed and impressed with what you guys have done this year. And going strong into winter? That sounds like you’ve got this thing knocked! May your good fortune continue… even if your feet DO hurt!


  2. You’re awesome. How great is it get through a winter in the restaurant business, in a seaside town, in this economy! Congratulations.

    Someday, someday! I’m going to get up there, have dinner and a glass or two of red, and say hi in person.

    (Tried Danskos? I hear great things.)


  3. Posted by Skylers Dad on March 14, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    Your life sounds pretty dang good!


  4. I am glad your business is doing great. Do you ever find time to paint? I bet you could hang them in the business and people would buy them.


  5. Glad to hear that things are going so well. Since you’ve barely been blogging in the past year, I kinda had the feeling that was the case. 😉



  6. Sweet. Tired but happy is a good way to be.


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